Wing Chun Wallbag Training Bundle


When you get the wallbag, it makes sense to take advantage of the years of experience the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. has to offer.  In this Wing Chun Wallbag bundle you get both the wallbag and the highly rated wallbag training DVD at a discounted price.   Move your training to the next level and buy this now.

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Wing Chun Wallbag Bundle saves you money on purchasing separately

Wing Chun Wallbag Training Bundle

This Wing Chun Wallbag Training Bundle is offered with a discount when compared to purchasing these items separately.  

The UKWCKFA has been the foremost authority on this method of training for many years.

As a martial art school our primary focus on teaching.  These items were offered to our own students to facilitate their home training.  We have had so many enquires to purchase our products that we now run a virtual shop. However, we are martial artists first and foremost.  

The Wallbag and DVD will be of great value to all martial artists, irrespective of style.  Our Wallbag is of high quality and the surface is not smooth.  This is to give a slight abrasive quality and toughen the skin.

Our Wallbag as simply the best way for you to develop your short distance power, condition your hands and to learn from the leading providers in Wing Chun tutorial materials.   You will be amazed at the variety of strikes that we cover in the DVD.  

All students of Wing Chun Kung Fu benefit particularly from Wallbag Training.

The Wallbag Training DVD has proved to be one of the most popular Wing Chun educational DVD’s available.  In fact many of the world’s leading instructors have purchased this DVD and wallbag for use in their own training, and to help their students.

You will see our unique wallbag design hanging in many of the world’s leading Wing Chun schools.

Here you have the opportunity to purchase the wallbag and the training dvd together as a bundle and save money on the items and shipping.  However if you prefer to purchase the items separately they are available here:

Wing Chun Canvas Wallbag

Wing Chun Canvas Wallbag training tutorial DVD


We know you will find these products of great use in moving your skills and conditioning forward.  However, please don’t take our word for it, we found these independent review of the UKWCKFA Wing Chun Wallbag Training DVD.

Another Review by Wing Chun Archive can be read HERE!

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