Self Defence Discussion

Self Defence Discussion

Self Defence Discussion.

In this self defence discussion James Sinclair expresses his opinion.

Dealing with the quagmire that is self protection is a tricky situation.  

When an individual courts violence simply for the sake of their own gratification, they use intimidation and bullying on many levels.

We feel that it is important for you to know you have the right to protect yourself and that you should understand that on looking after yourself you also protect those you love from the distress of seeing you hurt.  

Training to protect yourself is not the same a s training in martial arts.  

Martial Artists train in skills and athletic abilities and can perform remarkable feats, but many of these skills are beyond the remit of what is required for self defence.

The UKWCKFA does not create violent individuals.  As an individual you have a legal right to defend yourself with reasonable force. The law expects some restraint where possible, and as martial artist this should be expected of you too.


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