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The UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. was formed in 1985 and has had numerous internal newsletters over the years.

Below you will be able to follow the links an read these articles at your own leisure.   There are often many discussion in a single newsletter.   


Despite these being dated information, many of the Articles of subjects such speed, power, fitness and individual skills will not have aged and are still relevant to your training as a Wing Chun Kuen student.

1st EditionInterview with James SinclairSept 2012Download Now
2nd EditionCourage Strength & DeterminationDec 2012Downoad Now
3rd EditionKarma: Fact or Fiction?March 2013Download Now
4th EditionKicking: A Much Misunderstood SkillJune 2013Download Now
5th EditionSimplicity: Laziness or Skill?Sept 2013Download Now
6th EditionElbows: Close Range Saviour?Dec 2013Download Now
7th EditionThe Quest For Explosive PowerMarch 2014Download Now
8th EditionCan Wing Chun Students Deal With Boxers?June 2014Download Now
9th EditionFitness: Fighting FitSept 2014Download Now
10th EditionLong or Short Bridge?Dec 2014Download Now
11th Edition Is Wing Chun The Best Martial Art?March 2015Download Now
12th EditionPole Training June 2015Download Now
13th EditionDouble Chi SauSept 2015Download Now
14th EditionSingle Chi SauDec 2015Download Now
15th EditionCombinationsMarch 2016Download Now
16th EditionAnother Tall Tale!June 2016Download Now
17th EditionForms and Shadow SparringSept 2016Download Now
18th EditionEnhancing Nutrition & Introduction to Wallbag TrainingDec 2016Download Now
19th EditionSelf Defence and StretchingMarch 2017Download Now
20th EditionChi Gerk; Sticky Leg Skills DiscussedJune 2017Download Now
21st EditionAncient Wing Chun - Chi KungSept 207Download Now
Women's Self Defence is an important topic. In this table we have made available a number of downloads that you can use a great resource to help remain safe.


The UKWCKFA has been teaching Wing Chun and Self Defence for many years. Here are a few leaflets to help you understand that there is a difference
Issue 1Danger SignsDownload Now
Issue 2Pyramid of SafetyDownload Now
Issue 3Robbery PreventionDownload Now
Issue 4Rape AwarenessDownload Now