Wing Chun Chi Sau How To Start

Wing Chun Chi Sau How To Start

Wing Chun Chi Sau How To Start

James Sinclair discusses Wing Chun Chi Sau How To Start.   

Starting the process of Chi is very important as it will dictate a large part of your whole journey in the Art.

James Sinclair is the founder and chief Instructor of the prestigious UKWCKFA which he founded in 1985.   In this video James answers a very simply question from Anthony Harding of the Rayleigh Hq.

Once the basic frame is understood and you know to to roll, the question arose that, when meeting a new training partner, how do you approach or start the roll.  

It is common that one person offers a frame first and the other simply adds the correct complimentary frame to it.  There is no set side or shape that may be offered.

James Sinclair often talks about ‘first touch’ which relates to knowing what to to do, or having a good measure of the partners ability on the very first moment contact is made.  

Some people are idiots and like to treat Chi Sau as a fight and caution should always be made when training Chi Sau wth a person you do not know, particularly if they are not from your own school.

There is only one more question remaining…… why did nobody tell James his collar was a mess…..?