Push Ups

Push Ups

Wing Chun Training: Push Ups.

Fitness is synonymous with Martial Arts training.

Conditioning s is especially expected due to the great example set by Wing Chun student Bruce Lee..

In this video led by Master Nick Martin, he discusses the basic Push Up.  Taking you through the points to remember, and the things to avoid.

Martial Artist are also known for their intensely powerful abs.

A six pack is very ‘fashionable’ at the moment, but it is also a little misunderstood. To get a great six pack requires very low body fat, and not the training you may expect.

To get a powerful set of abs that can take a’shot’ is down to hard work.  

These very powerful muscles can easily be hidden by a shallow layer of fat and give the impression that a person may not be in great condition. This is quite simply rubbish.

Heavy people are very strong as they carry a lot of weight around all day.

It may not be good for their heart and other internal organs.  

Obesity is obviously not a good condition to be in.  

In terms of martial arts and potentially fighting, it could be argued that if you are not fit enough to run or escape you may not be fit enough to fight back.

As a counter to this even a heavy person can be explosive and dangerous for a short period.

Wing Chun relies on this short economical movement to get effect in the Art.

The reason so many martial artist have great abs, is because they train intensively and often for long periods of time.

It is not the goal of their training, it is simply a result of their training.

Fitness & Health. They are not the same thing


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