Wing Chun Inverted Stance & Pivot

Wing Chun Inverted Stance & Pivot

Wing Chun Inverted Stance and Pivot

When training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, you will find certain situations can compromise the regular stance with the weight toward the back. You will find your training partners will try to ‘break your stance leaving you vulnerable.  This vulnerability will be to your inside thigh, leg kicks, sweeps and attacks to the groin.

James Sinclair began his Wing Chun Kuen training in the early 1970’s.  As a young and very slim individual he soon realised it would be impossible to always hold ground.   James developed very efficient footwork skills to be able to deal with aggression and pressure that larger and intimidating individuals exert. 

In this short clip you can see the pivot used to avoid and create angular attacks and counter defence positions.

Note that the weight toward to lead leg is essentially the exact same basic forward stance.  Every Wing Chun student is familiar with this, it is ,however, inverted.   This inversion allows for control of the opponents lead leg in certain positions.

A short clip from a very detailed 3 hour seminar of footwork and sparring held at the National Hq in Rayleigh Essex.