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Formed on 17th October 1985, the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. is one of the world’s most prestigious Wing Chun groups.   

As an Association we are most proud of the students and teachers we have consistently developed over the years..  Many are clearly recognised worldwide as leading practitioners and teachers of the Art.

We have no political affiliation and count many of the world’s great teachers as our friends.

Whether you wish to find out a little on the History of Wing Chun Kung Fu, or even find out what Kung Fu means.  You will find answers on our site.


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It looks like we found your limit.. so we are going back to short clips.! To produce and upload 10 minute plus clips is very time consuming and expensive. Based on the views and likes, it is not what you are looking for.Thank you for to those who gave favourable comments on the longer form clips, it was worth a try. In this short extract from Saturdays Zoom Session James Sinclair was discussing the 'Tools of the Trade.' Hence the joke title of 'Greatest Hits'....For an hour and a half James demonstrated how to use the many and varied hand strikes used by #wingchun students. Here James describes a simple slap, and how changing the angles of approach of stikes, helps move much faster in rapid combinations. He also discussed the use of the side punch and the use of focus mitts to describe the levels of timing in interceptions.As this is a tiny extract it is easy to misinterpret the discussion. As such we will not enter into any form of discussion.UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. HQUnit 7, The PlanksLubards LodgeHullbridge RoadRayleighEssex SS6 9QGTel: +44 7860 276923Email: info@ukwingchun.comMAIN SITE: www.ukwingchun.comNATIONAL HQ: LONDON: www.eastlondonwingchun.comSOUTH LONDON southlondonwingchun.comMIDLANDS: www.citywingchun.comESSEX: www.kentwingchun.netNORFOLK: www.norfolkwingchun.ukSCOTLAND: www.wingchunscotland.netX: @UKWCKFAFacebook: UKWCKFAGoogle+ +UKWCKFAYouTube UKWCKFAInstagram UKWCKFAPatreon ... See MoreSee Less
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In 2017 James Sinclair set up a couple of cameras at the Rayleigh Wing Chun school. This is the National Headquarters of the U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association The intention was to create a simple video on the subject of the #wingchun wooden dummy. Focusing, not on the form, but introducing some basic ideas that even the most inexperienced Wing Chun students could apply.If you cant afford a dummy or have nowhere to assemble one, we also discuss alternativesThis particular clip goes on to introduce the low kicks on the Muk Yahn Jong.This clip is more than twice the length of our longest videos to date. Please accept that this was shot in 2017 and presentation skills, camera skills and technology have all improved considerably.It remains our hope that you can find something of interest in this clip. We fully accept it does not cover everything there is to say, by quite some margin.As this is the longest video released to date….if you find you enjoy the content, we would appreciate if you could just go that one extra, and hit the 'like' button. We will gauge the populatity of longer form video on this clip and act accordingly. Up to you if you wish to see more....For those seeking true depth and 4 camera angles all edited in HD.... Our online courses cover every single aspect of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy training, in great depth, discussing and demonstrating the form in many different interpretations. ... See MoreSee Less
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If you like this clip, please take the time to 'LIKE' this clip! It takes just a moment and is an acknowledgment of the effort we make to share them with you.We are taking a HUGE CHANCE as this clip is nearly 10 minutes long. Is there ANYONE out there who can get past 30 seconds in this age of instant gratification?------------------------------------------------Here is an extract from a Seminar held in November 2013.Master Abid Mahmood (retired) of the Midlands #WingChun HQ invited James Sinclair to conduct a MasterClass on the Wooden Dummy.There were no plans to film the event. However, Abid wished to have a lasting memory of the day.Finally, approaching 10 years later, we have taken an extract from a 4 hour seminar. We ended up with 1 hour and 47 minutes of great edited material and demonstrations. `As the filming was not planned the camera work is poor at times, but the content is priceless!In this extract James is describing the return cover in section 3 of the Muk Yahn Jong form. This is a great idea, particulalry in Chi Sau and is the basis of a safe 'change'.As always you are only watching a tiny extract from a far greater discussion. It is easy to misinterpret and take out of context. As such we cannot enter into discussions on anything in this clip.Please save your questions for the face to face classes.#wingchun #vingtsun, #martialarts #kungfu #ukwckfa #jamessinclair #mindfulness #China #chinese #stneots #norwich #rayleigh #bedford #grays #leicester #health #peaceofmind #keepcalm #selfdefence #spirit #freedom #expressyourself #lifetimeofactivity #woodendummy, ... See MoreSee Less
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