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Formed on 17th October 1985, the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. is one of the world’s most prestigious Wing Chun groups.   

As an Association we are most proud of the students and teachers we have consistently developed over the years..  Many are clearly recognised worldwide as leading practitioners and teachers of the Art.

We have no political affiliation and count many of the world’s great teachers as our friends.

Whether you wish to find out a little on the History of Wing Chun Kung Fu, or even find out what Kung Fu means.  You will find answers on our site.


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This short extract is from yesterday's live online #wingchun session.These sessions are not just informative, they give you a chance to ask questions and are fun at times too. Contrary to popular belief James Sinclair does have a sense of humour!Please accept that these tiny extracts from detailed discussons and demosntrations of over half an hour each are far too easily taken out of contect.In this this short extract James was discussing the laap and why, how and if you should use your thumb and soooo much more.We accept you have your own opinions and experience and will not enter into discussions as it just goes back and forth and life is just too short!#wingchun #kungfu #martialarts #rayleigh #bedford #leicester #ukwckfa ... See MoreSee Less
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This extract from last weeks live zoom session and is introducing some basic ideas on Gworr Sau. There were 6 half hour video made on the subject.Sparring is a commonly used word, however, #WingChun students enjoy the skills of 'crossing the bridge'. It is a great part of the 'Art' and takes considerable experience to do well.Transitioning the Gworr Sau over to potential free hand strikes takes another approach to practice. James takes things very slowly, as a number of private messages from facebook viewers stated that it was too fast or the camera angles were blocked. This is not a problem for our online subscribers as we repeat and demonstrate from 3 camera angles, and they get full access to the full half hour videos to watch in their own time!Please accept, once more, that this is but a tiny extract from over 3 hours of discussion and detailed demonstration. It is way too easy to take this small secton out of context. We shall not enter into discussions as we accept that you will have your own experience and opinions.Thank you for your patience and understanding.#wingchun #ukwckfa #kungfu #martialarts #vingtsun #rayleigh #bedford #leicester ... See MoreSee Less
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Blindfolded Chi Sau. Yes of course we can't fight in open space blind!!!! Just a bit of light fun from our 1999 video Wing Chun ‘Pure & Simple’. Music track is 'Ghost Street'. This was written and performed by Pascal Glanville. His band is/was called 'Hustlers Convention'. Seemed appropriate to place a 'Ghost like' overlay.Pascal gave us permission to use 4 tracks, every one of his tracks is absolute magic. A true musical artist.#ukwckfa #wingchun #kungfu #martialarts #rayleigh #leicester #bedford ... See MoreSee Less
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