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WIng Chun Chi Sau with GM Ip Chun

Chi Sau MasterClass

Chi Sau MasterClass

Double Ch Sau is the foundational training approach of the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.  

Without a comprehensive understanding of this element it is unlikely a Wing Chun Kuen student will reach their full potential.

Here James Sinclair talks about the correct approach to Chi Sau in an easily understood manner.  

This footage was shot by Master Abid Mahmood of the Midlands Wing Chun School at a recent seminar.  

We have edited the footage down to 18 distinct chapters which we will release over the next few months.  

We feel sure you will learn something from them and hope they help in your progression.


In this first chapter of 18 James Sinclair discusses the distance of Wing Chun and some of the problems that could be encountered by the inexperienced.