School Rules

The UKWCKFA has a basic expectation of students’ behaviour in class.  

In the main they add up to nothing more than courtesy and good manners.

1 Arrive on time for class.

2 Before entering or leaving the class, a traditional sign of respect must to shown to the teacher (SIFU).

Right hand as a fist in left palm. Do not bow.

3 Always show respect and obey ones Sifu.

4 Help to keep your place of training clean and tidy.

5 Refrain from using profanities, do not use loud or loose talk.

6 Never criticise students of other arts, styles or schools.

7 Your training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and expertise is only to be used for SELF- DEFENCE.

8 No techniques are to be shown or discussed with non-members of this Association.

9 Do not experiment with new techniques without supervision.

10 Monthly tuition fees are due on the FIRST lesson of every month, if you have trouble and cannot pay on time please discuss with your sifu. Your fee includes training at any branch (except full time HQ’s) once you have paid your membership. Fees are due for a month even when you are absent as you may make up training at other branches. 

If you are absent for a complete month only half your normal fee is due for that month to ensure your place in that branch. Some instructors are full time martial art teachers and your tuition fees form their only source of income.

11 Students must have a current membership. The membership card is to be shown to the Sifu at the beginning of each month when tuition fees are paid and whenever you attend a course, grading, competition or branch other than the club at which you are registered. Your record book should also be presented to be updated at gradings etc.

12 Students must wear ‘Association’ uniform during all classes.

13 Students must renew annual membership fee on or prior to the day of expiry.

14 Do not smoke or chew in class. You may bring a non alcoholic drink for refreshment.

15 Always leave the kwoon (training hall) quietly and respect the privacy and peace of others in the community. Please park cars sensibly and do NOT sound horn to as you arrive or leave.

16 The sifu is present to teach and answer questions. However, do not bother him/her with trivia. If you have any doubts ask an assistant instructor/senior student first. ALL students MUST read and obey the above association rules. Intentional disobedience WILL result in expulsion.