Inspirations & Aspirations

The Art of Wing Chun has many generations of input from fighters to philosophers and is influenced by the cultural heritage of China.  

Over the generation these have beed passed down orally and in recent times more and more have been written in an attempt to somehow codify the Art and get everyone on the ‘same page’.  These are commonly known as the Wing Chun Kuit and are used as inspirations and aspirations by teachers in an attempt to encourage students along the path of this wonderful Art.

There are some many Wing Chun Kuit that it s is now evident that they are being made up all of the time.  However, some can be traced back to have existed before the age of Social Media and soundbytes!

Most students do not appear concerned with the deeper aspects of the Art and focus on the fighting and combative elements alone. Whist this is not a problem, there are a few statement made by previous generations that may end up of use to everyone, regardless of your ultimate goal.


Here, James Sinclair, presents some of the most common statements in the Art of Wing Chun Kuen.  He introduces some of the phrases that may be of assistance in getting the right idea or mindset to ensure you get the most from your training.


In the first of these two video James Sinclair discusses the correct set up and mindset to excel in the Art.  

In the second discussion on Wing Chun Kuit, James takes the topic a little deeper and discusses the important technical ideas that will help you make progress.