Chi Sau Taan Da

Chi Sau Taan Da

Chi Sau Taan Da

Taan Da is often held aloft as the technique that confirms the Wing Chun style as more efficient, quicker and better thought or (more scientific) than other approaches.

 This is erroneous as the Taan Da is not easy to pull off in an uncontrolled environment.

It is simply dangerous to “try’ to block and attack with two arm simultaneously.  Any small error leaves the practitioner incredibly vulnerable.

However, that said the Taan Da is very easy to apply within the confines of Chi Sau practice.  

In this clip James Sinclair discusses the Taan Da in Chi Sau to a small group of students at one of his monthly MasterClass sessions.

 The lessons are conducted to help individuals get the depth and detail required to progress their Wing Chun to the next level.


Remember that the UKWCKFA hold monthly MasterClasses at the National HQ in Rayleigh Essex.  

We also began offering high quality live multi camera online classes in May 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.  These classes have proved popular with our students and guests subscribers from Australia, Canada, Phillipines and Spain amongst others.  

Our online classes have produced hundreds of hours of high quality footage available to our subscribers.  

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