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Instructor and Students Awards has been handed down for many years within the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.

Instructor And Student Awards

Instructor and Student of the Year

On the this table you can see the historical awards to the Instructors and students who have had a profound influence of the quality of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.  The Award is presented for the year previous.  Sadly we had the untimely passing of one of our most loved teachers/students, Bobby Beach, in 2013.


2001Sifu Nick Martin2001n/a
2002Salim Rajualawalla2002n/a
2003Daniel Reader2003Sifu Mark Solomons
2004Chris Cranie2004Sifu Mark Phillips
2005Steve Smith2005Sifu Tony Jaywant
2006Sifu Mark Phillips2006Sifu Nick Martin
2007Jeff Cure2007Sifu Abid Mahmood
2008Sifu Eric Wilson2008Sifu Paul Spencer
2009Carol Chan2009Sifu Gary Cooper
2010Russell Webster2010Sifu Ashley Phillips
2011?2011Sifu Zubbiar Khan
2012Mark Blackbourn2012Steve Dhillon
2013Sifu Brian 'Bobby' Beach (posthumous)2013Sifu Kevin Oldman
(Honorary Award)
2014Kevin Cutts2014Alex Evans
2015Adrian Downes2015Sifu Roy Quiddington
2016Steve Hunt2016Russell Webster
2017Toby Cooper2017Steve Cobbold
2018Darren Sumpton2018Ryan Moyce

The new Bobby Beach Memorial Trophy is a lovely cup awarded to Instructors as a way of keeping the spirit of a great UKWCKFA son alive.  The trophy bears his name and the first recipient was his long term friend, and training partner, Sifu Kevin Oldman.  Kevin has now retired from teaching and training.

The following year the Award went to Alex Evans who took over Sifu Kevin Oldman’s class.  He too has since retired from teaching formal classes but is working hard to put new instructors in place in the Norwich area, thus keeping the Art that Bobby, Kevin and Alex loved alive.

Alex passed the mantel over to Ryan Moyce, another dedicated Norfolk based student.  The legacy of Norfolk Wing Chun is quite incredible.

Kevin Oldman with the Bobby Beach Memorial Trophy.