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Wing Chun Combinations MasterClass

Combinations MasterClass

Master James Sinclair the founder and Chief instructor of the UK Wng Chun Kung Fu Assoc. will be conducting an in depth MasterClass on training the combinations for the 2nd and 3rd Level gradings.

Date:Sunday 21st February 2016

Location:UK Wing Chun National Hq, Unit 4 Lubards Farm, Hullbridge Road, RAYLEIGH. SS6 9QW

All Wing Chun is very similar, what differentiates one school or student from another is the training or coaching approach.

At the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. we take a series of important techniques and develop them into a format that can be trained repeatedly whilst still maintaining a random sequence.

The combinations are an area that require a tremendous amount of practice and skill in order to achieve the very best score in the gradings.  It is also one of the areas that are unique to Wing Chun training.  The combinations are set in one respect in that we expect to see certain techniques.  However, what makes it more skilful is the ability to put them all together in random order.  The ability to understand and control distance, the centre line, gates and interception are crucial to the Wing Chun student.

This is the first time that Master Sinclair has offered such a great opportunity to study, in such great depth, this specific area of the UKWCKFA syllabus.

If you are taking a grading and wish to move forward with your skills, this seminar will prove indispensable to you.

The National Hq in Rayleigh is small and numbers will have to be limited.  Book now to avoid disappointment.