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Wing Chun Video from the UKWCKFA YouTube Channel. 

A collection of footage on many disparate subjects from the basic punch and hand conditioning to Chi Sau and Sparring

Over the years the UKWCKFA has produced a lot of Wing Chun video that has proved popular and helpful to the wider Wing Chun community.  

We have produced both tongue in cheek demos for entertainment and some tutorial videos too.  

In fact one of video has over one and half million views.

In 2020 with the Covid Pandemic sweeping the world we took to online teaching and now have HUGE video catalogue on EVERY aspect of the Wing Chun Art.  These tutorial are between 30 mins and 1 hour in length and feature up to 4 camera angles to help everyone get a greater insight. 

There were 10 weeks of lessons on the Wooden Dummy alone! 

To subscribe and gain access to the video content contact us on


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