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Gwat Sau and Elbow Stike Inside. Sifu Bobby Beach

Wing Chun Hand Skills MasterClass

In the video you above you see how we use ‘combinations’ with a stepping opponent to demonstrate the idea behind the gate theory and perform the ‘Art’ of Wing Chun.  It is little more than an extension to the idea of Wooden Dummy training where drills are performed and particular idea are repeated.   However, it is is a lot more difficult to do with a moving partner, even if the movement is predictable.

All Martial Arts go beyond what is necessary for self defence.  This stylised form of movement is what is recognisable as the martial art style.  Regardless of your own desire it requires discipline and training to perform the skills required to perform the Art at his level.

The UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. has a well established grading syllabus and has produced many high quality students and teachers due to this clear approach.  

Any person can learn Wing Chun, but it is not everyone that can achieve a good ability.  A functioning well tested approach is what is required.  

Our Wing Chun Hand Skills requirements in the 2nd and 3rd level grading are a real challenge.

Wing Chun Hand Skills are based on a number of qualities.  Here a few attributes facilitated through the practice:

  • To understand how to apply the frames of the Art, sometime called ‘blocks’.
  • To use and take advantage of ‘Gates’.
  • To improve spatial awareness through ‘Distance Judgement’.
  • To develop ‘Co-ordination’.
  • To develop ‘Timing’.
  • To develop Calmness under pressure.

The UKWCKFA relies on this combination training as part of the 2nd and 3rd level gradings.  They require considerable effort to achieve a good level of accomplishment.