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James Sinclair took his fitness training to be an important part of his Wing Chun regimen. With huge cardio training and callisthenics.

Wing Chun Fitness Training

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Wing Chun Fitness Training

Fitness training and specific Wing Chun Fitness training  is one of the ambitions of nearly every student at some level. We guide you through a progressive approach to improve every aspect of your health.

Beginners are treated carefully.  The fitness training begins with gentle exercise and education before any real strenuous activity is emphasised.  

From all ranges of society, from the very young, just starting out, to the older student, we will help guide your understanding and potential.  

We remind you that you are on your own journey, and that it should be at the right pace for you.

The U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association encourages you to continue with any exercise programme you may be undertaking.  

If you use weights, play badminton, practice Yoga swim or jog please keep them up.  Any activity is better than no activity!  Do not believe the old adage that weights will make you slow.  Just keep moving……

It is often found that students who have never exercised undertake to do so in other ways in addition to their martial art fitness training. 

General health and fitness improvement in most students is considerable, and is generally continued as their desire to improve their Wing Chun skills grows. 

Students find that if they are fit they are able to train for longer in class with focus and concentration and develop skills more readily.

We have specific classes geared to fitness training as well as the regular Wing Chun Kung Fu classes.

At our full time schools these are included in your monthly membership and allow great flexibility in your training.

Give us a call, discuss your wishes and we will see how far we can help you.