Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun DVD


Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun DVD with English subtitles. See why he is one of the most respected teachers available.

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Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun DVD

A little of the History of Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung

Master Wan Kam Leung spoke extensively on his approach and this is a very special and comprehensive tutorial.  

We had to place the material onto a DVD+R DUAL LAYER product.  

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GrandMaster Wan Kam Leung is the Founder and Chief Instrucor of the highly respected ‘Practical Wing Chun Assoc.’

Wan Kam Leung began teaching as a sifu in 1969, after seven years of training under Wong Shun Leung.

In 1979, Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung traveled to Beijing to learn qigong from various masters of the art and incorporated the ideas into his own kung fu practice.

In 1988 Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung awarded Wan with his Senior Instructor Certificate.

Grandmaster Wan continued to work to improve his Wing Chun, branching from his knowledge of Wong Shun Leung’s style.

In 1993 the Hong Kong Police Force invited Wan to be Chief Wing Chun Instructor to the G4 (VIP Protection Unit). He has been the only Kung Fu master to be employed by the British Hong Kong government.

In 1994, with Grandmaster Wong’s consent, the style he had developed was named “Practical Wing Chun”.

Out of respect, Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung promised not to teach this style until after Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung’s death.

The modifications were designed to maintain a modern, adaptable martial art aimed at providing self-defense against a “committed and real attack”, with all of the basic tenets of traditional Wing Chun.

Practical Wing Chun employs the idea of using body mechanics to overcome a physically stronger opponent. This is done by adhering to five components of a strong body structure –

  • five centerlines
  • relaxed shoulders
  • elbows pointing down
  • flexible wrists
  • 135-degree angles

Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung is adamant about making sure the Art does not become obsolete, remaining practical through constant analysis and revision of the principles and techniques.

In 2008, the World Ving Tsun Athletic Association announced its inductees for the 2008 Hall of  Fame.

Wan Kam Leung was awarded Sifu of the Year for his hard work in propagating the art of Ving Tsun /Wing Chun.

Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun DVD

In 2008 Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung was invited to visit the UK in a joint teaching venture arranged by ‘The Wing Chun School’ and the ‘UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.

The seminar was well attended and highly anticipated as Grandmaster Wan Kam Leungs legacy and heritage cannot be ignored.  He was the very first student of grandmaster Wong Shun Leung and also a friend of Bruce Lee.  He has trained consistently and researched the Art in great depth.

In this Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun DVD you will learn so much more than you thought possible.  Regardless of your lineage or your level in the Wing Chun Art, there will be lots information that will be relevant to YOU.

The DVD has over 2 hours of footage, plus a short promo reel.

The DVD starts with the intro video of GM Wan Kam Leung in Hong Kong.
This DVD was NOT created originally for public release  It was purely a home video just for James Sinclair, Sifu Abdul Malik aka Garry Mackenzie and GM Wan Kam Leung to remember a good day as friends.    It was filmed at the the last moment and without planning.  
Parts are a little shaky as there were no tripods!   Two cameras were cut together to make it a more comfortable watch.
James Sinclair later decided to write the subtitles and it was agreed the DVD was was good enough for others to enjoy.
It is important to us that you too enjoy this DVD.  GM Wan Kam Leung’s 50 years plus of Wing Chun experience and a lot of time and effort has gone into this product.

This DVD takes you up close and often feels like a private one to one lesson.

So make the purchase today, get ready to sit back, relax, and take in the Art of a true Wing Chun Grandmaster.

This disc is a DUAL LAYER DVD+R DL format.  

Please ensure you are able to enjoy this format in your player.  You will need to access the main Menu on the DVD.  you will then need to click on the ‘Start Seminar’ button shown in the screen below to watch the GM Wan Kam Leung Seminar.

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