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Wing Chun Pure and Simple is THE best Wing Chun Kung Fu tutorial DVD available. Not a demonstration, but real life teaching. Features Master James Sinclair.Wing Chun Kung Fu Pure and Simple is a superb DVD featuring Master teacher James Sinclair.  He takes you through the basics in great detail and demystifies the Art.

This DVD has long been recognised as THE tutorial to purchase if you are serious about learning the skills of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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Wing Chun Pure and Simple

In 1999 the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. produced their first in a series of instructional materials produced to feature Master teacher, James Sinclair.

This series came into being after many requests by students and public alike for a realistic and professionally presented private training system. This training DVD is useful to both beginners and instructors as a valuable reference resource. It also uniquely offers a great opportunity to those students unable to attend classes allowing them the opportunity to study the dynamic and effective Wing Chun Kung Fu system at home.

The Pure and Simple DVD covers:

  • The Centre Line Theory
  • Centre Line Punch
  • Side Punch
  • Multiple Punching including Short Distance Power
  • Weight shifting and the turning punch
  • Stance & Footwork
  • Distance Judgement
  • Wallbag and Hand Conditioning
  • Sui Nim Tao (Little Idea Form)

Although slow motion is used throughout, no part of the recording has been sped up.

We acknowledge that nothing can completely replace a good teacher, but it is hoped you will find this series educational, useful, inspirational and entertaining.

Copyright is wholly owned by James Sinclair, All rights reserved.

 Pure & Simple Excerpt from UK Wing Chun Assoc.

Martial Arts Illustrated stated in Feb 2000: ‘James’ video is the business and will certainly prove beneficial to the viewer regardless of the style or system that they practice’.

Run time 1 hour 45 minutes approx.


(permission kindly given by Liam Howlett)

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