Wing Chun Chi Sau Tutorial DVD


The UKWCKFA Chi Sau Tutorial DVD is a great in depth look at this fascinating subject. Filmed on the fly at a Midlands Wing Chun Academy event, it is live!

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Wing Chun Chi Sau DVD Cover. This extensive look into this fascinating part of the Art is a very worthwhile investment.

Filmed in 2013 at the Midlands HQ, this Wing Chun Chi Sau Tutorial DVD covers the subject of Sheung Chi Sau or double sticky hands.  

Here Master James Sinclair takes you through the foundational understanding.  It is vital that a person has a solid foundation on the Art.  This development of a comprehensive foundation will help increase your proficiency in application of these formidable techniques.

Divided Into 18 Chapters this DVD is very comprehensive.

  • 1: Understanding Distance
    2: Bong Sau
    3: Do & Don’ts of Chi Sau
    4: Forward Intention
    5: Stance Stabilisation
    6: Muscle Memory / Point to Stop
    7: A Question On Taan Sau
    8: A Question on Bong Sau Height
    9: The Change
    10: Introducing Pak Sau
    11: Pak Sau Variation
    12: Pak Sau 2nd Variation
    13: Working WITH Your Partner
    14: Kwan Sau
    15: Kwan & Bik Sau
    16: Elbow Strikes
    17: Elbow Defends Elbow
    18: Setting Your Partner Up

We have had some great private feedback from many instructors on the benefits this Wing Chun Chi Sau Tutorial DVD had given them.

Now we have to convince them to be bold enough to write their reviews publicly…!

In this first Chi Sau Video clip above, we introduce one of the most well known training applications used in Wing Chun Kuen. However, Chi Say is also the most misunderstood. 

Wing Chun practitioners train to develop particular skills using Chi Sau but it is far from sparring and ‘fighting’.  

Chi Sau or ‘sticky hands’ is simply a unique training approach that has evolved over many generations to become an integral part of the stylists development.

If one is familiar with the clinch in Boxing, it should not be too difficult to imagine clinching that allows chops to the throat, elbow strikes, joint pressure, headbutts and more….

Sau Chi Sau, Mo Dei Jau:  When I stick With Your Hands, There Is Nowhere To Run.

The above quote could come across as arrogant, however, this is not the case. The statement is simply a reminder of the goal to which Wing Chun Kuen students aspire. It is the aim of all students to improve their skill level to a point where it is not necessary to kill their opponent!

In this Chi Sau Video (Chi Sau Video Chapter 1 of 18) James Sinclair introduces the simple concepts and approach taken to Chi Sau with regard to Distance.

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