Wing Chun Tutorials DVD Bundle


Our best value ever Wing Chun Tutorials DVD bundle collection.  Hours of Wing Chun tutorials and demonstrations from the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung FU Assoc.

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Our Wing Chun tutorials DVD bundle is the perfect opportunity to buy the very home study lessons available.  They have all proved very popular amongst the Wing Chun community and even in the general martial arts field.

Here is an opportunity to add a good few hours of tutorials for an unbelievably discounted price.

 This collection of DVD’s features:

Wing Chun ‘Pure & Simple’:  One of the definitive tutorial DVD’s on the Art of Wing Chun.  Useful for beginner to teacher.

Wallbag Training:  Simply an awesome DVD covering hours of quality tips on training and hand conditioning

21st Anniversary:  Full of demonstrations and tutorials on different aspects of Wing Chun

25th Anniversary:  More demonstrations and some great teachers showcasing their wing Chun knowledge and skill.


Please note:

We have NOT included the Chi Sau DVD in this offer, but you can add it to your cart here.


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