UK Wing Chun Assoc. 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary DVD Disc
25th DVD Cover


3 hour dvd released now. Lots of Demonstrations, and some great seminars

1 Dealing With A Jab and Closing the Gap Safely with Master Mark Phillips

2 Dealing With Kicks with Sifu Nick Martin

3 Dealing With The Clinch with Sifu Gary Cooper and Sifu Ashley Phillips

4 Furthering Hand Skills with Sifu Eric Wilson and Sifu Mark Solomons

5 Nowhere To Retreat with Master Abid Mahmood and Sifu Zubbiar Khan

6 Skillset Training Methodology with James Sinclair

Demo’s ~ Footage of the 25th Anniversary demos, featuring :

Lots exciting fight sequences ~ One on One, Multiple Assailant, Chi Sau, Blindfolded etc.

Weapons (Pole and Knives)

Forms ~ Siu Nim Tao, Cham Kiu, Biu Tze….

IMPORTANT Please note: This 25th Anniversary DVD has a problem playing on set top boxes but works perfectly on a Mac or PC.

Due to this we are selling this great DVD for a reduced price



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