UK Wing Chun Assoc. 25th Anniversary


In 2010 the UKWCKFA celebrated 25 years as one of the world’s most prestigious Wing Chun Assoc’s.  

To celebrate they held a FREE event in the town where the very first class was ever held.  In Chelmsford.

The day was sensational with many former students, who have long since stopped training, showing their faces and really enjoying themselves.  Several could not help but join in.  

This DVD is a great memory of the event and displays many of our great teachers in action.   There are a variety of demonstrations from the basics to the Butterfly Knives.  

Sifu Abdul Malik aka Gary Mackenzie arrived showed his respects by bringing a number of his students, who soon joined in the training.  

This 25th Anniversary DVD is a bargain and you will pick up a lot of good information too.  


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The UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2010 with a series of seminars and MasterClasses. In their great DVD yo can enjoy great teachers and demonstrations.

UK Wing Chun Assoc. 25th Anniversary

3 hour dvd released now. Lots of Demonstrations, and some great seminars

1 Dealing With A Jab and Closing the Gap Safely with Master Mark Phillips

2 Dealing With Kicks with Sifu Nick Martin

3 Dealing With The Clinch with Sifu Gary Cooper and Sifu Ashley Phillips

4 Furthering Hand Skills with Sifu Eric Wilson and Sifu Mark Solomons

5 Nowhere To Retreat with Master Abid Mahmood and Sifu Zubbiar Khan

6 Skillset Training Methodology with James Sinclair

Demo’s ~ Footage of the 25th Anniversary demos, featuring :

Lots exciting fight sequences ~ One on One, Multiple Assailant, Chi Sau, Blindfolded etc.

Weapons (Pole and Knives)

Forms ~ Siu Nim Tao, Cham Kiu, Biu Tze….

IMPORTANT Please note: This 25th Anniversary DVD has a problem playing on set top boxes but works perfectly on a Mac or PC.

Due to this we are selling this great DVD for a reduced price


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