Wing Chun Wallbag

Essential Equipment For All Wing Chun Students

Wing Chun Wallbag

The Wing Chun Wallbag, or Sau Bau is an Essential Piece of Wing Chun Training Equipment. The uK Wing Chun Assoc. design is very useful for all students of the Art.
Wing Chun Wallbag TrainingWallbag Training and How To Check You Are The Correct DistanceWing Chun Wallbag TrainingWing Chun Wallbag Training. Front Palm Strike Finish PositionWing Chun Wallbag Training. Front Palm Strike Start PositionWing Chun Wallbag Straight PunchWing Chun Wallbag Training. Downward Chop End PositionWing Chun Wallbag Training. Side Chop Finish PositionWing Chun Wallbag Training High Rolling Strike End PositionWing Chun Wallbag Training Low Rolling Strike End PositionWallbag Training Tutorial DVD from the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. Some of the most popular and clearly taught lessons information available anywhere. With James Sinclair who has often been termed 'the Teachers Teacher'.James Sinclair 1982 Wallbag TrainingWing Chun wallbag training is good for body conditioning.Wing Chun wallbag training is good for body conditioning.Wing Chun wallbag training is good for body conditioning.

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Wing Chun Wallbag (UNFILLED)

The Wing Chun Wallbag is supplied unfilled and is an essential piece of training equipment for ALL Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioners.

Wallbag Jib Shot from UK Wing Chun Assoc. on Vimeo.

James Sinclair is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. and he has used his vast experience to redesigned the Wing Chun Wallbag or ‘Sau Bau’ purely to help students, of all levels, use it to more effect.

The unique copyrighted design on the front gives the practitioner a clearer understanding of the many potential strikes available.


Wallbag Interception Turning Punch from UK Wing Chun Assoc. on Vimeo.

Wallbag Training Article

The article above should help get you started. But, there is also a separate tutorial DVD available to purchase, on specific wallbag training and hand conditioning.

To help you, we have created extensive articles and a DVD on the subject of Wing Chun Wallbag Training.

The bags come unfilled.  Simply follow the above link to the wallbag training article to find out more on filling instructions. Further to this we would like to add that, after weighing our own filled wall bags, we can give you a rough estimate on weight etc. when filled.   We estimate 10KG of unstained sand and 2.5KG of English Maple Peas will be required.   Please accept this as a rough estimate.

The Wing Chun Wallbags are usually attached to a sturdy wall by two strong eye hooks (not supplied).  If you have no solid wall the wllbag can be hung on a tree or other similar solid surface.  If you wish to train under a tree you will find that the canopy gives good protection from the elements.  


We have our Wing Chun wallbags printed with our own copyrighted design and have them manufactured in the UK. We decided to buy from British manufacturers as we could contact and deal with them more easliy and the quality is certainly better.

We do not not buy ready made bags from another supplier and get them printed as the bag cannot be printed at that stage. We also include a 4 page high quality full colour instruction and information sheet with each bag.

We do not ‘hard sell’ anything in the UKWCKFA. We feel it is your choice where you buy goods and what you wish to buy. Therefore, we cannot afford to sit on large stock and our instructors are happily prevented from needing to be ‘salesmen’.

Quality products do sell, even though some people only care about cost.



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