Wallbag Training DVD


The UK Wing Chun Assoc. Wallbag Training DVD has become one of the most popular of all Wing Chun tutorials.

The skills and step by step guide on how to condition your hands and develop short distance power have made it an essential regardless of lineage or even style.

Featuring many Highly Experienced practitioners this DVD is led by Master James Sinclair and his National HQ students.


Wallbag Training DVD

The Wallbag Training DVD is brought to you by Master James Sinclair, Founder and Chief Instructor of the prestigious UK Wing Chun Assoc., and his senior teachers. Together they take you on a remarkable journey through 117 minutes of detailed instruction. The DVD focuses in great detail the most required elements in developing hands that can be used in a bare handed confrontation.  

Wallbag training is a fairly unique piece of Wing Chun training equipment used by practitioners to develop the famous ‘Inch Punch’ more correctly know as ‘Short Distance Power.  However, Wing Chun is not simply a punching style and there is tremendous emphasis on the correct application of all forms of chops, slaps, fingers, and palm strikes.  There is even a section on developing the kicking skills  

If you are serious about your training you simply cannot afford to miss out on the Wallbag Training DVD.

Includes Focus Mitt, Heavy Bag training and Scenario Applications for Wing Chun practitioners.

47 Chapters Including:

  • Centre Line Punches
  • Side Punches
  • Turning Punches
  • Short Distance Power
  • Palm Strikes
  • Chops
  • Elbow Strikes
  • Cross Body Punches
  • Angular Fist
  • Lifting Kicks
  • Padwork
  • Heavy Bag
  • Detailed Hand Massage / Dit Jow application

and more……..

Having returned from teaching in Los Angeles, Master Sinclair tested this DVD in ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Circuit City’on a number of DVD systems. The disks played in approx. 80% of the players. The cheaper systems played with more regularity. If you are in the USA and wish to purchase our DVD please check that your DVD player and TV can handle a PAL signal.

NOTE: Although this is a PAL version, it is not region encoded and, therefore, if you have access to a PC or Mac with DVD drive you should be able to enjoy this video release wherever you are in the world.

Wing Chun Archive rate this as one of the very best Wing Chun videos available.  Read their review here

We also found this independent review of the UKWKCFA wallbag training dvd here, so no need to take our word.


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