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Siu Nim Tao Grading July 2016

Siu Nim Tao Grading

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Siu Nim Tao Grading

The UKWCKFA has only two compulsory gradings. These were instigated to separate beginners, intermediates and advanced level classes. After that all gradings are voluntary and you will complete the rest of the formal ‘Art’ in time regardless of whether or not you wish to test yourself. The Siu Nim Tao grading allows successful candidates to train within the Advanced Level classes and finish the Art.

Big ‘Congratulations’ to all of the students who took part in the 2nd Level grading known as the Siu Nim Tao grading. There was a great class camaraderie. The students who came to watch were inspired to push forward and enjoyed it immensely.


Well done to Steve Hunt who proved that age is not the great barrier that many fear. At 60 yrs of age and with only a couple of years in training he succeeded in passing the test, and with a smile. He also was responsible for pulling his classmates together by using the National HQ, when it was free, to meet up for extra practice.


Another ‘Well done’ to Darren Sumpton of the Maidstone Wing Chun School as he succeeded in gaining a ‘Distinction Pass’ of 82.5% well earned and a testament to his teacher Mark Blackbourne.


The Sidcup Wing Chun school managed to successfully get his two candidates through this demanding grading. Well done to Steve Dhillon’s students Owen Bradnock and Patrick Cotton. Go to for more info

Finally the students from the Bedford Wing Chun School travelled all the way to Essex and faced the challenge with a good pass being earn. Well done to Antonio and Enzo.

Special thanks go out Advanced Level students Kyriakos Charalambous and Chris Kelly who went in and trained with the guys on the night to push them and help them reach their potential.

The guys all deserve a mention:

Back Row: Left to to Right

Antonio Borsellino
Patrick Cotton
Owen Bradnock
Andy Hewitt
Tim Hart
Jordan McKenna

Front Row left to Right

Enzo Vecchia
Darren Sumpton
Steve Hunt