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Wing Chun Lok Sau with Damien Cathan and James Spalding

Wing Chun Lok Sau

Wing Chun has many unique training approaches.

One such training skill is the exercise of Lok Sau.  This simple exercise is a partner based training system that is used to develop two particular skills.

Firstly, the Bong Sau is used to cover an area to defend against strikes.  The Bong Sau is typified by the slightly higher elbow to hand shape that is colloquially referred to a ‘Wing Arm’.

The second technique that is used in the Lok Sau exercise is the Laap Sau for ‘Deflecting Arm’.  Many time is used to grasp/grab an opponents arm, but it is more correctly used to deflect pressure.

The two techniques go well together and have been choreographed to enable skilful partner training.  Whilst it is skillful it has to be remembered that there is potential for practical use in self defence, it is just hard for most observers to comprehend.

As a tactile training aid it is very useful in close quarter defence and has the an amazing amount of potential in helping students to develop speedier reactions, an ability to relax when grabbed or pulled, increased skill in sensing whether a strike is straight or round and a great boost in helping people to strike back very rapidly.

Lok Sau Fundamentals

James Sinclair discusses the basic Lok Sau skills, what they develop and some of the potential uses when training in another Wing Chun Kuen arena known as Gwoh Sau.