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Self Defence Courses

Self Defence Courses

These self defence courses are not solely Wing Chun Kung Fu. They are a way of us teaching our existing students, their wives, children, friends and family some skills to help them understand personal safety. This ideal soon expanded to the public in general.

We accept that a lot of people do not wish to learn a full martial art, despite all the benefits. There are many other ways they may enjoy getting fit, but there is a real sense that that they would still like to have a better understanding of self-defence.

The classes have proved very popular. So far they have been specifically aimed toward women and schools, but if you are interested then kindly inform us and we will send futher details.

The courses are 4 weeks in duration and cover a number of important areas of safety.

  • Situation Awareness
  • Self Awareness & Misplaced Ego
  • Body Language
  • Avoidance, Prevention & Escape
  • Verbal Confrontation
  • Physical Boundary and Personal Space
  • Common Law, Your Rights and your Opponents!
  • Mugging and Robbery
  • Sexual Assault


Every person should have the opportunity to feel a little more in control of their own safety. One cannot guarantee that a depraved mind will not make someone a victim of their warped mind, but with 65 million other people in the UK you can reduce the chance of it being you. As selfish as this sounds it is the most realsitic option.

Dealing With YOUR Fears

On every course we try to tailor the subject to the people present and, as such, ask what it is that they are afraid of:


  • Fear in the home
  • Fear when in woodland walking the dog
  • Fear when in car parking areas
  • Fear of groups of young males on street corners, parks or shopping malls


These are just some of the most common answers. The most common fear, by far, was a woman alone in her own home in the evening. If we are to deal with self-defence, we must answer these concerns and then move on from there.

If this is the sort of course you, your family or work colleagues would be interested in  please contact the Association and confirm your interest. We will hold courses in the daytime, at weekends or evenings.

We would also happy to arrange courses in the daytime for mums and shiftworkers, or even for those conscientious employers who care for their staff.


Please note with the exception of schools, colleges, and workplace venues, these courses are only available at:

National HQ on Lubards Farm, Hullbridge Road, Rayleigh, Essex.

N.London HQ Chaseside Work, Chelmsford Rd, Southgate

W.Midlands HQ.


I recently attended your four week womens’ self defence course and would like to say a huge thank you for a very informative and interesting time.

The course has made me much more aware of how to take preventative steps to avoid dangerous situations, some of which I have already put into practice.

Having been shown some simple techniques to enable me to protect myself, I feel my confidence has grown and although hopefully I will never have to use them, I feel I would, if the need arose.

The instruction I received was carried out in a calm and reassuring way, giving time for discussion, and well as time to try out practical ideas.

I would urge anyone to attend the course, whatever your age and see for yourself how useful and informative it is.

A Edgeway

Address supplied

I would like to say how much I enjoyed the self defence for women course you gave recently and appreciated the opportunity to be part of the pilot group.

My hope is that you will be able to establish such a class as an on-going prorgamme because I feel it offered a realistic and down-to-earth approach to the subject and could be of benefit to many women.

On a personal note I will say that you had some success where my family had not by making me more thoughtful for my own safety.

Thank you for your time and effort and good luck with this new venture.

Mrs C Thompson

Address supplied


Just a little’ thank you’ for your kindness and caring by giving your valuable time to a self-awareness course.

I missed the last session unfortunately. However, I gained so much from the other 3 sessions.

It’s rare that folk give geninely of their own time and knowledge as you have done.

I thank you on my behalf for attempting to make the world a safer place.

In sincere appreciation for your skill and your kindness.

E Mitchell


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