Kung Fu Fighting

Grandmaster Tang Wai-Po becomes your personal coach in this superb Tutorial DVD.

Kung Fu Fighting

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Kung Fu Fighting by Grandmaster Tang Wai-Po
Inspired By Wing Chun

Grandmaster Tang Wai-po is one of the most respected practical applicants within the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.  In the DVD kung Fu Fighting’ you are carefully a nd professionally guided into the application to become a Wing Chun Master.  A be superb tutorial DVD.  ONY 12 GRANDMASTER TANG SIGNED COPIES AVAILABLE!


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Grandmaster Tang Wai-Po

Kung Fu Fighting


After many years in waiting the UK WING CHUN KUNG FU ASSOC. is proud to be the sole distributor for the superb video footage KUNG FU FIGHTING, featuring Master Tang Wai-Po.

Filmed in Sweden in 1994 Inspired by Wing Chun features one of the greatest practitioners of the ART.

This is the first time this material has been made available on DVD and is a must have for any Wing Chun Kung Fu collection.

The following are the words of Grandmaster Tang himself:


In 1997, I was studying a Bachelors degree in Film Studies combine with Sports and Exercises Sciences, as a mature student. This was probably one of the best time of my life, thoroughly enjoyed my time at Surrey University (Roehampton Institute).
It was a no brainer to apply my Wing Chun experience, the sciences and the professional TV centre at this university.


I had to write a script and screenshot lists, and commissioned a small film crew. Once that was done, I was fortunate to enlist some talents from UK, Sweden, expert scientists and persuaded a Spotlight Class A actor to narrate part of the videofilm. Then searched for locations.
I planned 6 weeks of training to get into shape for this video, worked out 4 days per week, 2 hours per day.


We shot the video in broadcast betacam quality at the university grounds and also at a scientific research laboratory (to give a academic feel) and at a sports hall (give a training feel) and in a film studio and also an alleyway (to give a street defence feel). It all went very smoothly, I think we did all the filming in 1-2 days. Very hard work indeed.


Having such an enormous amount of film footages, I had the arduous task to editing it into a one hour videofilm and select the music for it. Whilst walking around Kingston, I came across a South American musician playing the flute. The music was amazing, it was a South American indigenous sounds.
I approached the musician and asked for his permission if I could use his music for my video. Surprisingly he agreed and gave me his CD.
I was in the editing suite for 3-4 weeks, 7 days a week sometimes working from 7am to 10pm – it was a real hard hard slog. SLOG not SNOG! A lot of the time was spent learning to use the professional editing software on the fly.


The instructional videofilm was launched and sold through the national martial arts magazines. But later it was distributed by Metrodome which was sold in HMV, WH Smith’s, Tower Records and other retail outlets.

To give you a flavour of the DVD we have included some stills from the footage.  At last you can instantly move to any chapter and enjoy the material at your leisure.

Enjoy this part of Wing Chun history and checkout the other DVD Inspired By Wing Chun or buy them as a bundle.


Grandmaster Tang Wai-Po

comes from a long line of Martial Artists that can be traced back many hundreds of years.

Master Tang has a unique and practical approach to training and has produced many good fighters who have won medals in international competitions.

Unlike many Wing Chun stylists today, Master Tang fought many bare knuckle challenge fights, street self defence, and fought a professional Thai Boxer in a Thailand Stadium. He remains unbeaten.

Master Tang has studied extensively gaining a degree from the prestigious Roehampton Institute of Surrey Univerity in Sports Science.

Master Tang is now a full time Acupuncturist and practices in Redhill, Surrey.

Kung Fu Fighting

is the most comprehensive and powerful martial art DVD. More than just an instructional DVD it is truly inspirational.

Master Wai Po Tang reveals the grace and effectiveness of the Wing Chun System as it has never been seen before, based on his own lifetime experience of Applied Wing Chun.

In this unique DVD Master Tang explains and demonstates both the theory and the practice of the style.



Siu Lim Tao, Centre Line punch, Side Punch, Turning Punch, Step Punch, Bong Sau, Tan Sau, Neck Lock Escape, Front Grapple Escape,  and more.

This DVD is suitable for all ages and levels of training.

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Dimensions 13 x 1.5 x 19 cm

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