Kung Fu Fighting


Kung Fu Fighting by Master Wai Po Tang reveal;s his beautiful and devastating approach to the Art. One of the most sought after DVD’s.


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Master Tang Wai Po: Kung Fu Fighting. Cover


After many years in waiting the UK WING CHUN KUNG FU ASSOC. is proud to be the sole distributor for the superb video footage KUNG FU FIGHTING, featuring Master Tang Wai-Po.

Master Tang Wai-Po comes from a long line of Martial Artists that can be traced back hundreds of years.

Offering a wealth of experience, Master Tang fought many bare knuckle challenge fights, street self defence, and fought a professional Thai Boxer in a Thailand Stadium. He remains unbeaten.

Master Tang’s unique and practical approach to training has produced numerous skilled fighters who have won medals in international competitions.

Master Tang has researched and studied extensively, gaining a degree from the prestigious Roehampton Institute of Surrey Univerity, in Sports Science.

Enjoy this part of Wing Chun history and become a Kung Fu Fighter and Artist.

‘Inspired by Wing Chun’ is a comprehensive and powerful martial art DVD. More than just an instructional DVD it is truly inspirational.

Master Wai Po Tang reveals the grace and effectiveness of the Wing Chun System as it has never been seen before, based on his own lifetime experience of Applied Wing Chun.

In this unique DVD Master Tang explains and demonstrates both the theory and the practice of the style.

KUNG FU FIGHTING is a must for the student of Matial Arts.

Guiding you step by step and focusing on 8 devastating basic Wing Chun techniques, Master Tang will be your personal Si-Fu.

Based on the world reknown Martial Art Institute’s internationally respected ‘Level 1’ syllabus, this DVD focuses on applied hand to hand combat.

Master Tang’s direct and simple training methods will ensure practitioners achieve awsome Wing Chun sklls.

In this unique DVD, Master Tang explains and demonstates both the theory and the practice of the style.

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