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Released in December 2001 the interactive CD-Rom has approx. 1 hour of Wing Chun video footage with all aspects of this incredible art exposed.

With High Quality Video Demonstrations of:

Sui Nim Tao (Little Idea Form)

Cham Kui (Searching Bridge)

Bui Tze (Thrusting Fingers)

Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)

Luk Dim Boon Kwan (61/2 point Pole)

Bart Cham Do (Butterfly Knives)

Chi Sau (inc: single and double sticky hand + blindfolded)

Chi Gerk (Sticky Legs),

Lok Sau (Rolling Arms)

Sparring, Padwork, Breaking and Speed Demo’s, Shadow Sparring and much, much more…….

This is a fantastic piece of technological information and was released to give anyone and everyone a real insight into Wing Chun Kung Fu. It is beautifully presented with background music. Articles and further info abound throughout the disc.

Whether you have trained in Wing Chun for years, and especially if you are enquiring for the first time, there is simply no better way to experience the sights and sounds of this remarkable style than with this Interactive CD-Rom!

It quite simply beats this web site and paper info by miles!!! Everything you could ever want as a reference and insight.

You will want to use it again and again. This is without doubt the most popular single Wing Chun Kung Fu piece of merchandise we have produced.

Please Note: The CD-ROM is for IBM PC’s with Windows 95/98 and not for Mac’s, video CD or DVD.


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