Wing Chun Legs Only

A Demo Focussing On Leg Skills

UKWCKFA Wing Chun Leg Skills Demonstration

Filmed back in 1990, James Sinclair choreographing a simple sequence of Wing Chun leg skills for his students to demonstrate.

Wing Chun Leg Skills

Some ‘Ancient’ footage from 1990 showing James Sinclair running through a Wing Chun Leg Skills demonstration he was choreographing for his students to take over.  He is seen assisted by Sifu Kevin Oldman and Matt Millbank.

Sifu Nick Martin

The second half of the clip see the Wing Chun Legs Skills demonstration resurrected by Sifu Nick Martin in 2010 for the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. 25th Anniversary celebration.  As you can clearly see, Sifu Nick does a great job of improving on James Sinclair’s ideas and performance.

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UKWCKFA Leg Skills Demonstration

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