Shadow Sparring

James Sinclair Shadow Sparring in Portugal August 2016

Shadow Sparring

Early in the morning whilst on vacation in Portugal, James relaxes in his favourite manner, by enjoying the art he loves…Wing Chun.  In this short clip James Sinclair has released a little of his private training, featuring a few seconds shadow sparring or free expression. Look out for a whole lot more, this is only the warm up!

As a prelude to the forthcoming Sparring Seminar in September 2016 please enjoy this short excerpt from a morning session. James only asks that you forgive the lycra shorts!


Below are a few sections of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.  This sequence is based on the form as passed on to James by Grandmaster Ip Chun.  The Hong Jong or Empty Dummy is often seen a difficult part of the art as it requires the ability to visualise the dummy and recall the form sequence in a natural and express manner.  Iy also requires the ability to control the precise muscular memory points in order to maintain the integrity of the practice.

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