Peripheral Vision

Using the pads to develop better reactions.

Peripheral Vision

Nick Martin Sifu

If you strike half heartedly, you will get a full hearted response!

James Sinclair


Sifu Nick Martin continues his discussion on the centre line and gates.  Using Focus Mitts Nick coaches a student (Lee Swailes) to trust and use his peripheral vision.

Peripheral vision is our adaptation to using mostly frontal vision. Although we cannot see detail using periphery vision it is highly sensitive to movement. All fighters use this natural enhancement to their advantage. It is only the inexperienced student who is unaware of the potential for its use, and tries to ‘see’ everything. A lot of time fighters will move from a strike and could not honestly say they saw it coming at all.

A quite clear example is that people will walk directly into something, and yet will move their head away from a twig, protruding form a bush subsonciously.




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