Lok Sau 'First Touch'

Laap On Contact

Lok Sau First Touch

Lok Sau First Touch

This video discusses the topic of first touch and the reaction from that.  As we are discussing Lok Sau it is logical that in this case the first touch principle relates to Laap Sau.  Of course there are other equally effective first touch responses within Wing Chun Kuen.

What Is Lok Sau?

Lok Sau or ‘Rolling Hands’ is not Chi Sau. It is a clever training approach to develop specific skills using Bong Sau and Laap Sau. It can be very challenging at a high level and is immensely enjoyable to practice.  the UK Wing Chun Assoc, students are taught this skill on the very first day that they train and it remains an enjoyable approach many years into their journey.

Lok Sau Attacks

Whilst Lok Sau has a clearly defined framework and certain ‘rules’ it still has the capacity for random attacks. there are 12 different attacks at basic level, each one applied by using Laap Sau to clear the line of attack, and 20 very different line of attack at the more advanced level where the UKWCKFA introduces footwork too.

Benefits of Lok Sau

The Laap Sau for the attacker is strong, held powerfully and used to incite stress on the training partner. This develops the ability to move quickly and remain relaxed when a sudden grab or pull occurs. The fact that the attacker knows that they will attack, and when, results in a lot more control and less injuries than in open sparring. However, the training partner only knows an attack can occur at any time and that there are up to 20 variable attacks. These rapid short range attacks are designed to hone the abilities of the defender to recognise gates and protect the centre line, and mostly to teach them not to overreact.

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