Double Chi Sau

Who Moves First?

Double Chi Sau

Master Abid Mahmood: Midlands Wing Chun Chief Instructor

Double Chi Sau is the most recognisable training approach taken by Wing Chun students after the Wooden Dummy. It is essential that the student of Wing Chun Kung Fu has a comprehensive understanding of the methodology behind Double Chi Sau. It is a huge mistake to approach Chi Sau as a ‘Game’ and ‘Play’ Chi Sau.

Chi Sau is a hugely effective method of training when you a full understanding of the strengthsand weaknesses of such an approach. Here James Sinclair introduces another often overlooked point in Chi Sau training, enlightening the student as to who should move first. Simply flapping your arms around does no good at all and gives a very poor impression to the general martial art world. The idea is to develop real skills that can transfer across into real life combat and bring an advantage to the Wing Chun student.

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