Chi Sau Shoulder Roll

Last Line of Defence?

Chi Sau Shoulder Roll

Chi Sau Shoulder Roll is used as a last line of defence when a partner passes the hand and elbow.

Chi Sau Shoulder Roll

Wing Chun Kung Fu uses Chi Sau training as a means to develop many skills.  There are times when your opponent is very good and counters your own well placed techniques.  In Wing Chun the Chi Sau Shoulder Roll is not a common skill, bt should be.  It allows for defence against very good training partners and fighters form other arts.  The real skill lies in the ability to realise when you own hand is still ‘alive’ and can be re-used to counter the counter to get affect.

It is very naive to believe that you wi always be able to get your guard up, or that you can laap or park to deal with many techniques.  Raising Bong Sau can often draw a strike to the throat into the very area the attack was intended.

In this clip James Sinclair discusses the use of the shoulder than am opponent passes your own hand and elbow in his attack or counter attack.

This clip is only a few moments form a very long teaching session on Chi Sau and you may not understand the context in which it is intended.  Just take the idea and play with it and continue to use or discard at your own pleasure.



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