Wing Chun Chi Sau Contrary Ideas

Chi Sau Contrary Approaches

Chi Sau Contrary Ideas

Wing Chun Kung Fu does not have one way of training in Chi Sau and this could lead you to believe that the Chi Sau has Contrary Ideas and for you to see this as negative.

If a person is inexperienced this could also seem like that some people are correct and others, therefore, must be wrong leading them to a partisan and rather immature attitude to other peoples ideas. This causes friction in the Wing Chun community and ‘political arguments’.

There are multiple ways to approach Chi Sau and for this reason it is best to find a teacher who has experience in many methods and capable of coaching you to a high standard, building an adaptive approach to deal with many other styles of Chi Sau.

In this clip, from a 3 hour MasterClass seminar, James Sinclair answers a question posed by William Woods of our Lee Green London Branch. ¬† Mr Woods has seen Many ‘Master’ of Wing Chun crossing their arms and wondered if they were right to do so. ¬†James’ answer is simple, as always!

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Chi Sau Contrary Approaches

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