Acupuncture Point

Discussion on Acupoint Strikes


James Sinclair studied the Masunaga Shiatsu Meridians and treatment for over 3 years in London.


In this out take clip you can see the affect of a simple sweep to the inside of the leg to an acupoint. The underside of the foot, more specifically the ball of the big toe, strikes the Acupuncture point commonly referred to as ‘The Crossing of the Three Yins’ (Spleen 6). At this point the liver, kidney and spleen intersect and can cause considerable pain.

In Japan this point was used by Feudal Lords to determine whether to hire a wandering samurai. The samurai would use a burning moxa stick on this acupoint to help them continue to march long distances. The Japanese Samurai actually placed the stick on this acupoint (tsubo) and burnt the skin from time to time. Today we only use the heat of the stick near the point!

CUTION: Please NEVER press this point on pregnant women.

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