Bobby Beach & Kevin Oldman

Blast From The Past

Bobby Beach

Bobby Beach was a much loved son of the UKWCKFA.

Sifu Bobby Beach

Bobby Beach was one of he most popular students and teachers within the UKWCKFA.  Bobby remains one of only 4 people to have passed the Wooden Dummy grading to date.  The others being his close friend and kung fu brother Sifu Kevin Oldman, Master Mark Phillips and Master Eric Wilson.

Bobby is seen here demonstrating Wing Chun at a public demo to open a class way back in 1990.  This was still early in the training days of Bobby and his Kung Fu brother, Sifu Kevin Oldman.

We post this clip in the hope that all of those people who knew, or simply met, Bobby Beach will enjoy the opportunity to watch one of our most amiable ‘sons’ in action.  RIP.


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