Membership Standards

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Membership Standards

The U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association branches have limited availability with new student intakes. Typically this is handled twice a year in order to correctly introduce new students in as groups who are at similar levels and to improve on the focus quality of training from instructors.

To keep students of particular levels together, classes are separated by ability. More experienced students are mixed with beginner level in order to accelerate the learning stages.


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Can I Start At Anytime?
We have beginners start dates, where all new students are enrolled. You will be placed in a separate class and not ‘thrown in at the deep end’. However, you will not have to wait for too long at our three Full Time HQ’s in Essex, London and Birmingham as they have much more flexibility concerning enrollment. Please call, we are happy to try and help.

To keep all students of particular levels together. We have classes separated by ability. We allow more experienced students to mix with beginners, as they can help, but not vice versa.

If you are an existing wing chun student or lapsed student of another organisation we would accommodate you to the appropriate class that your standard dictates. As there are traditionally no gradings in Wing Chun, every organisation has a slightly different way of separating students of differing abilities. We ask that you attend a beginners class and we will move you up the ranks as appropriate.


Are The Instructors Qualified?
All senior instructors or ‘Sifu’ grades are registered by the prestigious Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, which further validates the high standard and reputation of the U.K. Wing Chun Kunf Fu Association, internationally.

All instructors have been trained within the Association. Prospect instructors have to pass 4 grading levels before consideration can be made to join the three year teacher training programme.

The instructors are all first aid trained by St John Ambulance and those that teach children are checked through the police criminal records bureau. Instructors are required to have their own Professional Negligence and Public Liability Insurance Cover as part of the U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.


What Are The Requirement For Training In Wing Chun ?
The most important requirement is that you enjoy the training and are willing to dedicate yourself to a task. You do not need to be big and strong to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Is there a grading process?
U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association has a well established grading system that is based around the syllabus. Traditionally, Wing Chun had no grading system. Until the 1970’s, Wing Chun was a very small style and there was no necessity. Now with the massive popularity in martial arts and the focus Bruce Lee gave to Wing Chun, it is necessary to separate students of differing abilities in order to better teach them.

The UKWCKFA has a grading system that is based around the usual learning syllabus in Wing Chun.

Preliminary Grading consists of basic punching, footwork and distance judgment
Sui Nim Tao consists of first form, hand combinations, lok sau, dan chi, and sparring
Intermediate consists of first & second form, hand & leg combinations, lok sau, single & Double chi sau and sparring.
Cham Kui consists of first & second form, double chi sau, multiple assailant, blindfolded sparring, one arm sparring, back to the wall and cornered sparring and breaking techniques.
Wooden Dummy consists of Dummy Form, Drill Form, Free Form and Empty Form
100 Man Challenge. consists of fighting 100 opponents in succession.
Bui Tze & Luk Dim Boon Kwan consists of forms, Chi Kwan, power and sparring.
Bart Cham Do The form, application and sparring.

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