Steve Dhillon Welling Wing Chun

Steve Dhillon is the Welling Wing Chun representative of the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.  The Welling, Kent branch along with the Maidstone Branch form part of the Kent Wing Chun group.

Steve has been a long term student of Master James Sinclair since the early 1990’s.

Originally training at the Maidstone branch, Steve now travels to Essex to the National HQ to further his knowledge and experience.

Steve Dhillon is one of the most popular Wing Chun teachers in the UKWCKFA and remains a well liked individual, always ready to help anybody and give them time has time and support.

He has completed the first two grading of our syllabus and was welcomed onto the instructor training programme many years ago.

Steve Dhillon has not taken further gradings simply due to work and family commitments.  He remains a dedicated member of the UKWCKFA and continues his training at the National HQ in Rayleigh Essex.

Steve is a dedicated member of the teaching team and has produced some skilled students over the years.

Steve Dhillon Welling Wing Chun

Steve Dhillon Welling Wing Chun