Richard Pomfrett

St Austell, Cornwall


Richard Pomfrett started training in Martial Arts many years ago. Firstly exploring Boxing, Kick Boxing and then moved onto learning a Karate Style under Sensei Alan White in South East Essex. After earning his Black Belt under Sensei White he started to question the use of Karate in a close range self defence situation and started to seek out other forms of Martials Arts.

After seeing Wing Chun Kung Fu demonstrated at a local Seminar by some of the senior instructors of the UKWCKFA he was immediately interested and started training at the National HQ under the guidance of Master James Sinclair. From day one all of the doubts he had faced through training in previous styles were answered.

Richard continued to train under Master James Sinclair until he had reached and graded to a level where he could start teaching for himself.  Shortly after this time he moved with his family to Cornwall.
Richard opened up a Cornwall Branch to allow him to carry on through his martial arts journey, training and teaching the great art of Wing Chun.

Richard is a very open minded martial artist and certainly doesn’t fall into the stereotypical teacher who thinks and preaches that their chosen art is the only art one needs.

Richard is a huge fan of Combat Sports like Boxing, MMA and Submission Grappling and regularly cross trains in other disciplines and has a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is also a massive fan of incorporating modern day strength and conditioning training techniques to accompany his traditional martial arts training.





Richard Pomfrett also runs and successful kids safe programme within schools in Cornwall which is proving very popular and effective.


Tel:07770 918004