Master Eric Wilson


Master Eric Wilson: Senior Instructor, technical and syllabus advisor

Master Eric Wilson is a very well respected martial artist and individual. He has been training consistently for many, many years.  He is the older kung fu brother to every student within the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc except Master Abid Mahmood form the Midlands Hq.

Sifu Wilson has produced some fine students and instructors. Along with Master MarkPhillips he takes control of the Association in James Sinclair’s absence. He is well known for his physical conditioning and is known for his sheer precision of technique.

Master Eric Wilson was the first student to pass the prestigious Wooden Dummy grading and is still only one of four persons to have done so to date

November 2005

Master Eric Wilson travelled to Hong Kong where he demonstrated his skills in front of many Masters at the 2nd Ving Tsun Atheletic Associiation World Conference. He has since been accepted as a lifetime member and recognised as a Sifu by the VTAA.

January 2009

Master Eric Wilson was named UKWCKFA student of the year for 2008.

Master Eric Wilson continues to inspire every new generation in the Association with his solid training approach, personal discipline and humble nature.