Instructor Profiles

Meet our Nationwide team of Wing Chun Instructors.

Instructor Profiles

Master James Sinclair


Welcome to the UK Wing Chun Association instructors page. Here you will find short profiles on some our teachers, past and present. The UKWCKFA has produced many of the leading teachers in the country. We have not listed all as some would prefer it to be kept private about their considerable training with us.

The UKWCKFA introduced a formal instructor ‘code of conduct’ and three stage training programme back in 1985.  It has proved a great success with the candidates all receiving training in First Aid, Health and Safety, Club Administration, correct Syllabus Instruction and many, many other skills including voice coaching!

The candidates are all working toward the tiltle of ‘Sifu’ or Teacher Father.

In the past candidates only had to pass the third level (Intermediate) grading, and be on the teaching programme.  However, it was realised that this was still a ‘self’ based attainment and not reflecting the teaching skill of the candidate.

In recent years we introduced the requirement that a candidate must prove their abilty to earn the title SiFu by

  • getting their own students to a level able to pass the Siu Nim Tao gradings,
  • pass the third level themselves.

It is now harder to earn the title Sifu but does reflect true teaching ability.  if you are lucky enough to have lessons with one of fully qualified Sifu, then you will know exactly how our training programme reflects the quality of instruction.


Unlike many organisations none of our gradings, beyond grading two, are compulsory.  In fact none of our gradings are compulsory.  However, we use the basic gradings to filter students to appropriate level classes. The gradings are a great challenge to students and mark their progress in clearly understandable stages and give them clear goals.

It is a simple fact that the students who have passed the higher level grades have more functional skill. However, as this is the instructor page, it must be remembered that teaching is more than just personal Wing Chun skill.

Please note our grading names do not fully reflect the knowledge that students have. As the gradings are a matter of personal challenge, students take them when they feel the desire and motivation.

There are students who have been with us for many years and completed the art art right through to the Butterfly Knives but do not wish to teach and have not passed beyond our intermediate level grading.


Below showcases our Senior level Wing Chun Instructors (Sifu’s) who have undergone years of experience in both theoretical and practical Wing Chun Kung Fu along with UKWCKFA’s official accreditation.

Our Instructors are proficient in Wing Chun along with the modern requirements of training & teaching including, Health and Safety, First Aid, CRB, and Syllabus training.

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The above profiles demonstrate the breadth of the U.K. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association Instructors. Since it’s incorporation in 1985 a large variety of Instructors have undergone this training structure and branched off into their own regional schools outside of our Association.


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