Cost of Training

Expected Outlay To Train Within The UKWCKFA

Cost of Training

Wing Chun Baart Cham Do

Below you will find details of the cost of training within the UKWCKFA


The cost of training is a major consideration undertaking training at an martial art school.  Before we begin a new course we will often give you an opportunity to view the style of Wing Chun Kung Fu.  We can only do this on a particular day prior to the course commencing. On that day we will often present a video demonstration of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Our demonstration team will occassionally be present too, but this is not always possible.


If you start after the demonstration date then our only recommendation is that you purchase our Interactive CD-Rom at a price of only £5 including  postage.  This will help you get a real overview and a tremendous amount of information on Wing Chun Kung Fu.


There will be persons present wanting to enrol but please feel comfortable just to come along and enjoy the event. You will have a better insight into Wing Chun and know if it is what you are looking for. You can bring your friends along to watch. However. we do need to know how many people to expect as the halls are limited in size. We do not enrol persons below 14 years of age in most of our branches, but please feel free to enquire as we are expanding the teaching of younger persons year on year.


Beginners Course Information (Branches)



Ranging from £30-£60* per month. You may attend any other branch running beginner level classes included in this price. Fees are to be paid in advance of training.


Tuition Fees:

After the course the lessons will continue at the same location and usually at the same time. The tuition fees are between £30-£50 per month, to be paid in advance on the FIRST lesson of each month. The fees are not per lesson, but based on a monthly rate in order that you may train anywhere in the Association (excludes Full Time Centre’s of Excellence) at no extra cost and to encourage regular attendance to benefit the whole class.


Some of the UKWCKFA instructors are full time professionals teachers and tuition fees form their only source of income. Please pay your fees on time.



The appropriate footwear consists of black flat/low heeled shoes such as kung fu slippers or specifically designed martial art shoes.  Please note: The National Hq, London Hq and Midlands Hq all have matting down and students train in clean socked feet.



A jogging suit or track suit are fine whilst on beginners course. The Association does sell T-shirts, track suits, sweatshirts, vests etc. all with the distinctive club logos. (these items are not for sale to non-members).  A price list is available.



* An annual membership fee of £55 is to be paid after the first month of your course (adult first year membership fee includes supply of a t/shirt). This gives you a maximum of 5 weeks training in which to decide if you wish to continue after your first lesson. (under 14 yrs £25). Included in your cost of training you will receive a FREE stylish association t-shirt , one year of insurance whilst training and an introductory DVD* with your first membership. *DVD while stocks last.



The UKWCKFA is recognised by a number of organisations and bodies. All students must obtain this through us at £10 per annum. (under 14 yrs £5).







* You have to become a member in order to train after the first month, attend other branches, take gradings, attend courses/seminars, buy uniform etc.


Deliveries my take longer due to Covid-19 pressures on the postal services.