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The UKWCKFA was founded in 1985 and has grown to become one of the worlds most respected martial art groups.

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Welcome to the UKWCKFA

the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association was formed in 1985 by Master James Sinclair and has grown for over 25 years to become one of the most respected Wing Chun groups in the world. The UKWCKFA has consistently produced the country’s leading Wing Chun practitioners by always being progressive in the coaching methods, but understanding the importance of Tradition. It is for this reason that the UKWCKFA has used the slogan:

‘A Tradition of Progress’.

Whether you are looking toward Wing Chun Kung Fu as system for self defence, fitness or a complete martial art, the UKWCKFA can help you achieve your ambitions. We have a full understanding of the methodologies taught by various Hong Kong and Mainland lineages / Masters. We regularly travel to Hong Kong where our students enjoy training sessions with many Wing Chun Masters and where James Sinclair and Master Mark Phillips teach the Wing Chun students of Hong Kong. This reciprocal exchange of knowledge has created a great depth of knowledge of the various approaches taken by the major branches of the art, but most importantly developed an honesty and respect from all sides.

Regardless of lineage we are leading the way in keeping Wing Chun Kuen relevant in today’s world. We are increasingly working with instructors from other schools and associations to help them on their path in teaching and training at the high levels here at the UKWCKFA.

Enjoy your ‘surf’ through our site and we welcome your feedback.


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Our Mission


o spread the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Our Assoc. may have a grand name, but realstically it only states where we are based and what we do.  We are not out to conquer the world or walk over people to grow.  We wish to teach great Wing Chun to those interested and aim to give the highest quality tuition that we can.  We produce our own teachers and ask that every member of our team endeavour to maintain the enthusiasm they had when they first started, and never forget how daunting and exciting the early days were.


Chi Sau Seminar 4 – Forward Intent
Chi Sau Seminar 4 – Forward Intent

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Wing Chun Hand Skills
Wing Chun Hand Skills

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Baart Cham Do – ‘Butterfly Knives’
Baart Cham Do – ‘Butterfly Knives’

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Lok Sau Fundamentals
Lok Sau Fundamentals

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