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Sifu Gary Gooper
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Sifu Gary Cooper is a long term student of Master James Sinclair. Originally a Taekwondo student, Gary started training on Wing Chun in the early 1990's. He had a break and came back to the National HQ where he has trained diligently ever since.

Gary is a popular instructor at the National HQ where he conducts classes with Sifu Ashley Phillips on Wedesday evenings. He is a good communicator and manages to inspire students to go that extra mile. His support for the UKWCKFA has led him to travel to Hong Kong in 2005 and demonstrate his skills at the 2nd World Ving Chun Conference. He demonstrated in Foshan China with his long term training partner Sifu Ashley Phillips.

Gary has also taken to grappling like a duck to water and has entered numerous BJJ and Sombo competitions and has achieved good success. He is a well rounded martial artist, is remarkably ego free and conducts himself in a professional and gentlemanly manner at all times.

In 2009 Gary won the prestigious Instructor of the Year Award which was an overwhelmingly popular decison. Gary is registered by the prestigious Ving Chun Athletic Assoc in Hong Kong a Sifu and is also a lifetime member.

Gary has passed three of the UKWCKFA grading levels and has finished the formal art learning the empty hand forms, dummy, pole and knives.




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