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Abid Mahmood Sifu (Midlands Region Senior Instructor)In October 2005 Sifu Abid Mahmood fulfilled his ambition and opened his full time Wing Chun Kung Fu training centre. The centre is situated in the Hockley, the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham in the West Midlands. It is the culmination of a dream to spread the art he has shown a passion for through a dedication that spans more than 20 years.

Supporting Sifu Abid Mahmood is his student and main training partner Sifu Zabbir Khan. Together these two men have nearly 40 years of Wing Chun training experience to offer.

Sifu Abid has been training and teaching in Birmingham since approx. 1983 when he and Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe were training under Master James Sinclair at Hall Green.

Sifu Abid has continued his training under James Sinclair and is now the longerst term student of Master James'. His ability in chi sau is very high. Sifu Abid has many years of experience but also great desire to continue to improve. This admirable qulaity has led to a man who is very good indeed but is possibly one of the most humble men in the UK Wing Chun Assoc.

Abid about to Gum Sau.Sifu Zubbir Khan has been training since the late 1980's and has gone on to become a great teacher and would happily say that he owes a great deal of his love for Wing Chun to Sifu Abid. Together they trained hard and sucessfully completed the third level grading. Sifu Abid later went on to pass the fourth level too, a feat that Zubbir is determined to follow.

For the readers information the UKWCKFA gradings are not compulsory after level 3. The whole art is taught beyond this stage. However, the gradings are still a useful way for students to push themselves and ensure thay have good ability to back up their substantial theory. We realise that a lot of people cannot train very hard and dedicate the time required to truly master the Art, but the UK Wing Chun Assoc is well respected, not for the knowledge alone but, the real fighting and artistic ability of the students. It has been stated time and again that the UK Wing Chun Assoc, is in a league of its own when it comes to making the art work in a live situation. Indeed in Hong Kong in 2005 many very experienced practitioners from all around the world were highly impressed by the ability Master Sinclair, Mark Phillips Sifu and other UK Wing Chun Assoc. delegates demonstrated, both in forms and fighting.

The new West Midlands HQ is a great venue to further support the students, offering them more flexibility in training and a venue for advanced training seminars, private lessons and gradings. The gym is also fully matted creating a safe and professional envirmoment to practice.

Sifu Abid is a demanding teacher and requires students to be able to perform 7000 continuous punches before being accepted as a member at the Midlands HQ.


Abid with one of his favourite techinquesAbid Mahmood Sifu & Arturo Rutter



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