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Welcome to the UK Wing Chun Association instructors page. Here you will find short profiles on some our teachers, past and present. The UKWCKFA has produced many of the leading teachers in the country. We have not listed all as some would prefer it to be kept private about their considerable training with us.

The UKWCKFA introduced a formal instructor 'code of conduct' and three stage training programme back in 1985. It has proved a great success with the candidates all receiving training in First Aid, Health and Safety, Club Administration, correct Syllabus Instruction and many, many other skills including voice coaching!

The candidates are all working toward the tiltle of 'Sifu' or Teacher Father. In the past candidates only had to pass the third level (Intermediate) grading, and be on the teaching programme. However, it was realised that this was still a 'self' based attainment and not reflecting the teaching skill of the candidate. In recent years the introduction of the requirement that a candidate must prove their abilty to earn the title SiFu by getting their own students to a level able to pass the Siu Nim Tao gradings, and pass the third level themselves. It is now harder to earn the title Sifu but does reflect true teaching ability.

Unlike many organisations none of our gradings, beyond grading two, are compulsory. In fact none of our gradings are compulory. However, we use the basic gradings to filter students to appropriate level classes. The gradings are a great challenge to students and mark their progress in clearly understandable stages and give them clear goals. It is a simple fact that the students who have passed the higher level grades have more functional skill. However, as this is the instructor page, it must be remembered that teaching is more than just that.

Please note our grading names do not fully reflect the knowledge that students have. As the gradings are a matter of personal challenge, students take them when they feel the desire and motivation. There are students who have been with us for many years and completed the art art right through to the Butterfly Knives but do not wish to teach and have not passed beyond our intermediate level grading.


Master James Sinclair:

Founder & Chief Instructor
Tel: +44 1268 78 68 68 /
+44 7860 276923

Mark Phillips Sifu: National Instructor, Examiner, Weapons Specialist.


Teaches in: Wood Green North LondonMark Phillips: Leg Jam, Laap & Jaarn

Sifu Mark Phillips is quite simply the most talented student in the Association. He has been known for many years as 'Mr T' as every technique he uses is so well timed. His control at speed is remarkable which is just as well as he is 6'2" and is very powerful. He has passed 5 gradings and is looking forward to his multiple fight challenge as part of his 6th level grading.

Sifu Phillips is now teaching at his full time school in Southgate. It is a great opportunity for people in North London to train regularly with an exceptional teacher.

In Feb 2005 Sifu Phillips won the prestigious 'Instructor of the Year' for 2004 award.

In November 2005 Mark travelled to Hong Kong where he demonstrated his chi sau skills in front of many Masters at the 2nd Ving Tsun Atheletic Association World Conference. He has since been accepted as a lifetime member and recognised as a Sifu by the VTAA.

In November 2006 Mark travelled back to Hong Kong where he demonstrated and taught to a very impressed group of Wing Chun students.

February 2007 Sifu Mark won the coveted '2006 Student of the Year' award for the first time. His contribution to all the students within the UKWCKFA and to his own teacher is undeniable.

Sifu Phillips is a skilled weapons expert.On Apil 14th 2007 Sifu Mark was awarded his Blue Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. The start of yet more skills within the martial arts.

In Spet 2008 the London HQ moved to the new prestigious premises in Wood Green. The school is world class from the expert tuition to the decor and facilities.

In January 2009 Sifu Mark was awarded his Purple Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

In October 2010 Sifu Mark was awarded his Brown Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

In July 2013 Sfu Phillips became a 'Professor' in Brazillian Jiu Jisu when he was awrded his Black Belt.

Sifu Phillips completed his Psychology PhD and has the title Doctor Phillips.

Read more about Sifu Phillips by clicking his photo below or visit his websites.

London Wing Chun

Wing Chun Fighter

Visit Sifu Phillips' Photo Gallery Here.

Mobile:+44 7976 855259 / E-mail Sifu Phillips here


Sifu Phillips a most deserved winner of 'Student of the Year 2006'





Abid Mahmood Sifu: Midlands Region Hq Senior Instructor

Abid Mahmood: Mook JongSifu Abid is the longest standing student in the UKWCKFA. Sifu Abid is the link that holds the Midlands region together. He has trained steadfastly since 1982 despite being over 150 miles from the base of the UKWCKFA in Essex. He has sacrificed more than most students dedicating much time and energy to develop a good solid core of students and teachers. He has passed 4 levels and is working toward the 5th. He is one of the most humble men in the Association and his resolute attitude to keep his Wing Chun training going has led to a well deserved respect and admiration from all within the association.

He runs branches in Birmingham W. Mids: Coalville Leics, Erdington & Birmingham University.

In 2005 Sifu Abid was awarded 2nd place in the 'Instructor of the Year' awards. This is voted by his peers and is a testament to the pride his own students and fellow instructors feel.

In August 2005 Sifu Mahmood opened the third UK Wing Chun Assoc full time school in Hockley, Birmingham.

November 2006 saw Sifu Abid awarded his Hong Kong registration with the VTAA.

Instructor of the Year 2007In February 2008 Sifu was awarded the prestigious 'Instructor of the Year' award. A very deserved and popular winner. Sifu Abid has worked tirelessly on building his full time school, supporting the University of Birmingham students and generally holding himself with honour and humility to all.

Visit Sifu Mahmood's Photo Gallery Here.

Tel: 07967 308323 / E-mail Sifu Mahmood here






Eric Wilson Sifu: Senior Instructor and syllabus advisor

Eric Wilson: SutSifu Wilson is a very well respected martial artist and individual. He has been training consistently for many, many years. Sifu Wilson has produced some fine students and instructors. Along with Sifu Phillips he takes control of the Association in Master Sinclair's absence. He is well known for his physical conditioning and is known for his sheer precision of technique. Sifu Wilson was the first student to pass the prestigious Wooden Dummy grading and is still only one of four persons to have done so to date

In November 2005 Eric travelled to Hong Kong where he demonstrated his skills in front of many Masters at the 2nd Ving Tsun Atheletic Associiation World Conference. He has since been accepted as a lifetime member and recognised as a Sifu by the VTAA.

In January2009 Sifu Wilson was named UKWCKFA student of the year for 2008Eric Wilson Sifu.



Sifu Wilson continues to inspire every new generation in the Association with his solid training approach, personal discipline and humble nature.





E-mail Sifu Wilson here




Gary Cooper Sifu: National HQ


Gary CooperGary has been a long standing student of the UK Wing Chun Assoc. He trained for a number of years in the early 1990's and returned after a few year break. He passed his third level grading in December 2005.

Gary is a keen grappler entering a number of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Sombo competitions.

Gary is a popular member and takes the classes on Wednesday evenings at the National HQ.

In November 2005 Gary travelled to Hong Kong where he demonstrated his skills in front of many Masters at the 2nd Ving Tsun Atheletic Association World Conference. He has since been accepted as a lifetime member and recognised as a Sifu by the VTAA.

In February 2007 Gary Cooper won 2nd Place in the prestigious '2006 Instructor of the Year' awards.

In January 2009 Sifu Gary Cooper won the Instructor of the Year Award.

In October 2010 Gary suceeded in getting one of his students through the Siu Nim Tao gradings and has now been recognised as a Sifu by the UKWCKFA. He was awarded his certificate at the 25th Anniversary celebration where he was a major part of the demonstration team.




Zubbir Khan Sifu: Telford, Walsall, Wolverhampton

Zubbir Khan is one of the most unassuming teachers we have. He is humble and hard working with total support to his teacher, Sifu Abid Mahmood. He has passed level three and is working hard towards level 4. His personal ability has improved in recents years in leaps and bounds, as both he and Sifu Abid have been travelling to Master Sinclair's Cambridgeshire home for one on one guidance.

Tel:07877 102306 / E-mail Sifu Khan here


Zubbiar with his Sifu , Master Abid Mahmood

Nick Martin Sifu: Greenwich, Lee Green, , Ilford


Sifu Nick has his own page on our site here.

He is a bright star and is very respected and liked within the Association. He has inspired many students and simply leads by Nick Martin: Kowloon Rooftop  2006example. Nick has passed three gradings to date and will certainly go on to pass the entire syllabus if things progress as they have so far.

He was made 'Student of the Year' in 2001.

He made his 'bones' by training and teaching at our HQ and is a training partner for none other than Sifu Mark Phillips. He has now moved on to run three of his own successful branches. Nick is training and teaching full time now and his fitness classes on Sunday morning have completely changed those attending. Possibly the fittest individual in the Association, he is like a Duracell battery!

Nick now trains very hard in Grappling too. He is making very good progess. In 2004 he entered a grappling competition and won the Middleweight Gold Medal. In March 2004 Nick travelled to Los Angeles and trained under former World Brazillian Jui Jitsu Champion, Fernando Vasconcelos. And in September 2004 he travelled to LA once again and trained under the BJJ Superstar, Rickson Gracie.

In November 2004 Nick and a few of the Wing Chun students, who train hard with Progressive Combat at the HQ, entered the South East of England Sombo Championships. Nick won a silver medal with only one lesson training by Sombo rules. The team won 3 silver and one bronze medal, a result to be proud of.

In November 2005 Nick travelled to Hong Kong where he demonstrated his Chi Sau and Form skills in front of many masters at the 2nd Ving Tsun Athletic Association World Conference. He has since been accepted as a lifetime member and recognised as a Sifu by the VTAA.

In November 2006 Nick travelled back to Hong Kong where he had a better opportunity to demonstrate his chi sau skills, rolling with many people. Nick even taught whilst in Hong Kong to some very impressed Wing Chun students.

Nick teaches private and small group lessons at our HQ and also teaches the blind and disabled.

In February 2007 Nick was awarded the prestigious '2006 Instructor of the Year'.

His teaching ability is superb his inroads into teaching within mainstream schools, his Womens Self Protection scheme are all testaments to his maturity as a senour teacher within the UKWCKFA.


Tel: 07830 136501/ E-mail Sifu Martin here



Ashley Phillips Sifu:

Ashley is a steadfast reliable teacher and student of the Association. He has passed 4 gradings and remains a quiet man with good ability. He has produced a number of good students and was originally a student of Sifu Kerry Green. He has that unique ability of remaining unflustered even in the most difficult sparring sessions.Ashley Philips: Jun Sun Kuen

Ashley now trains very hard in Grappling too. Working with former UK Wing Chun Assoc teacher, Lee Catling, he is making very good progess. In 2004 he entered a grappling competition and won the Middleweight Silver Medal, only losing to our own Nick Martin in the final.

In November 2004 Ashley and a few of the Wing Chun students, who train hard with Progressive Combat at the HQ, entered the South East of England Sombo Championships. Ashley won a bronze medal with only one lesson training by Sombo rules. The team won 3 silver and one bronze medal, a result to be proud of.

In November 2005 Ashley travelled to Hong Kong where he demonstrated his skills in front of many Masters at the 2nd Ving Tsun Atheletic Association World Conference. He has since been accepted as a lifetime member and recognised as a Sifu by the VTAA

February 2007 Ashley Phillips wons 3rd place in the '2006 Instructor of the Year awards.

In March 2011 Ashley was awarded the 2010 Instructor of the Year trophy. Always in the running it was an extremely popular presentation.

Tel: 07890 004556 / E-mail Ashley here

Roy Quiddington Sifu: Ingatestone, Essex

Roy QuiddingtonRoy has been a long standing loyal student of the Assoc. He is a consistently hard worker and has taught on and off for many years. Unfortunately his work and family commitment's do not allow him to teach beyond assistant level, which is a loss to everyone. Roy trained particularly hard in 2001 and passed his 3rd level grading.

Roy now teaches children's classes in the Brentwood area.

Roy received his Sifu status in January 2007, a most deserved recipient. He is still one of the most consistent students of Madter Sinclair training a few times a week year in year out.

Tel:0775 686112


Mark Solomons Sifu: Chelmsford, Colchester and Harlow Essex

Mark Solomons: Pak SauMark began his training in Wing Chun under Master Wai Po Tang in Barking in the 1980's. He later moved out to Chelmsford where he continued his training under Master Sinclair. He trained extremely hard and successfully passed his third level grading in June 2002.

He taught in Ingatestone and took over the Chlemsford branch as Master Sinclair moved to teach at the HQ.

In December 2003 Sifu Mark Solomons was awarded the first of the re-instated 'Instructor of the Year tropy's. He was voted by the instructors themselves, and with a number of students making their voices heard. Mark won for his teaching skill, his motivation of others, his complete dedication to his students even through serious illness and for his unwavering support of the UKWCKFA generally.

E-mail Sifu Solomons here

Paul Spencer Sifu: Grays Essex Branch

Paul Spencer has been training for many years and teaches at our Grays branch in Essex. He is steadfast worker and has produced a few good students, and has one Paul Spencer: Kwun Saustudent now undertaking Instructor training. Paul narrowly missed passing his 3rd level grading in June after he sustained a broken rib.

With typical tenacity Paul recovered and trained harder and passed his third level grading in June 2006 and as he had already taught students to pass the Siu Nim Tao grading he was awarded his 'red' tracksuit and officially registered as a Sifu within the UK Wing Chun Assoc.

In January 2009 Paul received the prestigious 'Instructor of the Year' for 2008.

E-mail Paul Spencer here

Tel:07969 744450



Nick Bourne: Bong SauInstructor: Nick Bourne Phd: Physiotherapist and Strength Coach.

Nick is a long term student and instructor within the UKWCKFA. He was studying in Austin, TX where he earnt his Phd in Sport Science. He worked closely with the Texas Longhorns and the Track team, with many notable Olympians amongst its athletes.

Nick regularly came back to Britain where he got as much training in as he could. He is using the skills Master Sinclair shows him to help develop hand skills and reaction drills for more general sports. Nick has passed his 3rd level grading.

In January 2007 Nick took up a position in Arizona treaching at one of the most elite training centres in the world and then rapidly moved on to train the elite athletes at the Home Depot Centre in Los Angleles.

Nick completed his Phd in September 2008 and has come back to the UK and taken up a post as lecturer at East London University and is working closely witht the British Olympic build up. Nick is planning to be back to training regularly from January 2009

E-mail: Nick Bourne here


Jeff CureInstructor: Jeff Cure Milton Keynes

Jeff Has been training in Wing Chun since the early 80's and has a great attitude and genuine love of Wing Chun. He is motivated solely by the pleasure of training and teaching and will always go that exta mile to help people. Currently Jeff is assisting Master Sinclair at the Huntingdon branch and has recently opened a class in Milton Keynes.

Tel:07833 297919 / E-mail: Jeff Cure here


Steve Dhillon: Controlling the centre lineInstructor: Steve Dhillon: Welling, S.E.London Branches:

Steve Dhillon began his Wing Chun under Master Sinclair at Maidstone and Lee Green. He has passed two gradings and is working towards his 3rd. Steve also runs a martial art supply company called 'Shen'.

Tel: 07971 614253 / E-mail: Steve Dhillon here



Alex Evans Instructor Alex Evans Norwich Norfolk

Alex was training under the guidance of Sifu Kevin Oldman and has trained well to become the Instructor at Norwich. He has good standard and spirit and is motivating the students well to move on and accept the challenges of gradings. He attends training at the HQ under Master Sinclair as often as possible and has recently begun to attend classes under Master Sinclair in Huntingdon, Cambridgshre.

Tel: 07899 886882 E-mail Alex Evans here

Jon Cossentine Instructor John Cossentine

John Cossentine is a former British Taekwondo Champion and after many years of training decided to try Wing Chun Kung Fu.

John was an assistant at Lee Green for Master Sinclair. John opens a new class of his own in Sidcup Kent in September 2013

John has trained for many years within the UKWCKFA


Tel:telephone John Cossentine re Sidcup branch 07901 790 650 E-mail John Cossentine here


Guisepe 'Joe' MelellaInstructor: Guiseppe Melella

Guiseppe 'Joe' Melella is a long standing student of the Association, starting off with Ross Mockeridge when he taught for us. He has achieved good standard and is a good teacher, helping the beginners and intermediates at Lee Green and Forest Hill. Despite work and family committments he is steadily working towards his third level grading.

In July 2007 Guiseppe and hais family emigrated to Melbourne Australia. After a settling in peiod we feel sure he will start teaching again in the near future.

Guiseppe had to come back to the UK in 2008 for personal reasons and although he will be going back to Australia it is good to have him back in the UK.



Arturo Rutter: Bong Sau Instructor Arturo Rutter: Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Arturo Rutter was a student of Sifu Phil Jones and has trained to pass the second grading. He is currently attending instructor training and has moved to train under Master Sinclair in Huntingdon. He aslo trains with Sifu Abid Mahmood at the Midlands HQ. In recent times he has made remarkable progress and is producing good students at his class in Loughborough.





Steve Tan: Gaan SauInstructor Steve Tan: Perth, Australia

Steve is a a former British International gymnast and has recently qualified as an Arnis de Mano instructor, having obtained his Black Belt under a Filipino instructor in Doha who is aligned with the late Remy Presas.

Steve began his Wing Chun training in 1992 under Sifu Mark Phillips and after a good few years training had to relocatre to Perth in Western Australia. Having taught a small group of select students in Doha Quatar, his work has now taken him to Perth in Australia where he is keen to continue his teaching and training.

E-mail: Steve Tan here




Arturo Rutter: Bong Sau Instructor Paul Beesley: National HQ.

Paul Beesley has recently joined the instrucotr training and is part of the new generation of Wing Chu teachers being produced by the National HQ.






Instructor Wes Chappelle: Ilford

Wes has made a mereoric rise in his Wing Chun training. After only 3 yars training he has been accepted on the instrucotr training programme. Wes has been trained exclusively by Nick Martin Sifu and assist Nick at his various branches.










Stephen Cobbold Instructor Stephen Cobbold: Grays

Steve has been training for quite a few years. He is an assistant to Paul Spencer and helps with supporting the class in Grays. He recently prepared some of the Grays students to tale the prelim grading and two of them passed with some of the highest marks ever attained.





Mark Blackbourne Instructor: Mark Blackbourne Maidstone

I trained under Sifu Julian Williamson. After learning the basics in Wing Chun my instructor decided to form his own association "Impact Wing Chun" in 2002. He slightly adapted the Wing Chun Style and incorporated pad work and sparing increasing the fitness and strength training.

I trained with Impact Wing Chun with Julian Williamson until 2005 when he left the UK to train in Thailand. He left me the Impact Wing Chun School in Maidstone to Instruct. In 2006 I started to doubt my training through lack of experience and guidance and wished to know more about the style and believed that there was so much more to understand and learn than what I had been taught in Wing Chun.

I wanted to give more to my students and develop the school and myself under a certified instruction. In late 2006 I gained contact with Instructor Matt Tucker, and Master James Sinclair founder of the UKWCKFA. Master James and Instructor Matt demonstrated and educated me in a different side of Wing Chun that caught my eye and has kept me interested and enthused to date. I was overwhelmed with how direct, efficient and how much of the system I had no idea about.

I have now been training with the UKWCKFA for 17 months and wish to progress my training in all aspects to become the best student and instructor I can. I have so much more to learn of which I am so excited about. I am aiming to take my second level grading this year and progress toward instructor certification by the UKWCKFA.

Tel: 07793 533 088 E-mail Mark Blackbourne here

Stuart Brett Instuctor: Stuart Brett.

Stuart has been with the UKWCKFA for a few years, but spent a number of years prior training with another Wing Chun school. He has had to work hard to build his standard up to a level where he could begin to teach again.

He started his Instructor training assisting Master Sinclair at the HQ, Stuart is also working toward his third level test. As well as training in Wing Chun, Stuart is a Sports Therapist. Stuart undertook further instructor training sessions weekly with Sifu Nick Martin and taught at the Romdord branch for some time before moving to Malta to concentrate on his music and family.


In 2011 Stuart found the time to return to teaching and has opened a small branch in Malta.


Peter Foreman Instructor Peter Foreman: Watford Hammersmith, Cuffley & London HQ

Peter has trained consistently under Sifu Mark Phillips and now assists in the overall development of the new London HQ. He has passed the fist two grading and is working toward his third.

Peter went to Hong Kong in July 2005 and spent two weeks training daily under the personal guidance of Grandmaster Ip Chun. With Sifu Phil Jones and Mandy Lam they had a tremendous learning experience, one they will never forget.





Peter Foreman Instructor Richard Pomfrett: St Austell, Cornwall

Richard trained under James Sinclair at the National Hq where he trained hard and was an ethusiastic student pushing others along others with him.

Richard left Essex to move with his family to Cornwall and tried training with other Wing Chun schools but could not settle. Having already passed his second level grading he qualified to attend instructor training and trains as often as possible. He is a regular at the monthly seminars and has now opened a small school in St Austell.

Tel:07770 918004 Inst Richard Pomfrett




Instructor Paul Watson: National HQ

Paul has been training under the guidance of James Sinclair for a number of years and started instructor traiing in May 2012. He is currently as assistant to Master Sinclair.








Peter ForemanInstructor Russell Webster: National Hq Essex

Russell trains under the guidance of James Sinclar at the National Hq where he traines hard and is an ethusiastic student pushing others along others with him. He is working particulalry well within the advanced class and has made steady progress.

He was accepted into the instructor training programme in July 2010 and is gaining respect from leading by example attitude.

In March 2011 Russell was deservedly awarded the Student of the Year title.







Former Teachers

The UK Wing Chun Assoc has existed for over 20 years. Some of our teachers have been with us throughout the entire journey and some have moved in different directions.

We are sure they all have happy memories of their time training with us and we wish them well.


Sifu Pin Bhandal Parminder Bhandal SifuPin Bhandal and his brother Gurdip were keen Wing Chun students but Pin managed to find time to continue his training and make good progress. A naturally gifted fighter he had a great attitude and was always keen to train hard and make it as real as possible.

Pin began his training in Maidstone and later Lee Green and the National HQ. He remains one of only a handful of students to pass the 4th level grading. Pin ran a small class in Aveley and Woolwich but was more interested in his own training than teaching and soon stopped.

Pin retired from teaching and training in 2004 to focus on family life and his career.


Sifu Bobby Beach on the right throws a punch to Sifu Kevin OldmanBobby Beach Sifu

Sifu Brian 'Bobby' Beach was one of the most affable characters in the Association. He and training partner Sifu Kevin Oldman orked very hard and travelled miles in their quest to improve their Wing Chun ability. Sifu Beach was our first teacher of children and produced students who now assist in teaching many years later. Sifu Beach moved abroad and is much missed by the Association. He passed 5 gradings and is one of only four people to have done so. Sadly Bobby passed away in February 2103. The Assoc has dedicated the instructor of the Year trophy in memory of him.


Martin Burton receives his 'red' tracksuit form Master SinclairMartin Burton Sifu.

Martin was a gentle giant, with arms as big as most mens legs. But don't let that fool you, after years of boxing training his was still very quick and accurate. Originally a student of Sifu Eric Wilson, he later trained with Sifu Mark Phillips. Martin Burton is an incredibly polite and mannerable man, he has very good wing chun skills and can certainly fight! Martin passed his 3rd level grading.

Martin started to teach formally in October 2004, after 11 years training with the UKWCKFA. He had a lot of experience to share if you live in the Portsmouth area.

On 20th November 2008 Martin Burton qualified as a Sifu within the UKWCKFA when one of his Portsmouth students passed the Siu Nim Tao grading. Martin gained his black belt in Judo in 2012 and decided to concentrate his training in a new direction.



L ee Catling

Lee trained with us for many years passing three grading levels. Lee taught in Wickford Essex for some time. Lee achieved a good standard and was also a good boxer. Generally he is a good all round martial artist.

However, Lee eventually left to pursue his first love of grappling, and it really worked out. Now one of Europe's leading grapplers he is repected for his stand up, no gi and BJJ. He has won many accolades and now runs his own assocaiton. Lee introduced James Sinclair to grappling, very gently we might add, and is responsible too for a great increase in the understanding and awareness of ground skills in the UKWCKFA.


Peter Foreman

Instructor Carol Chan: London HQ

Carol Chan trains with Sifu Mark Phillips at the London Hq where she trained hard and was an ethusiastic student pushing others along others with him.

Carol is one of the very few students to have gone on tosuccessfully pass our Thrid Level grading. She has recently become part of the Instructor Training Programme and is also part of the Association's demosntration team.

Carol has taken a break now to concentrate on family life, we wish her well with the new addition to the Wing Chun Clan!





Douglas CreedInstructor: Doug Creed

Doug trained with us for a few years and progessed well. A quiet, tenacious and serious person he managed to pass three grading levels. He assisted his friend Steve Hasell teaching and eventually taught a small group in Strood as part of the UKWCKFA.

Doug left to run his own association with Steve Hasell where they focus on mixing Wing Chun and other martial arts.



Sifu Ian Evens Ian Evens Sifu

Ian is a former British Gymnastic Champion and after many years of training decided to commit to Wing Chun Kung Fu. Ian trained with the same dedication and vigour in his Wing Chun training andprogressed rapidly through the system. He trained under the guidance of Mark Phillips Sifu and progressed to instructor level. He went on to teach a very successfil school in Goffs Oak and alsoto train under Master Sinclair at the National HQ.

Always a very supportive student Ian arranged gymnastic seminars and was very active in the build of the UKWCKFA HQ. Ian is still only one a handful of students who have passed the 4th level grading.

Ian retired from teaching in 2004 to focus on family life and his career but keeps on stating he intends to return!


Steve Hazell & Andy PinderSteve Hazell SifuSteve came to the UKWCFA having already trained in other martial arts to a good level. He trained hard and progressed well managing to pass 4 grading levels. Steve was a mad fitness fanatic and loved to make the sparring as real as possible. His interest in Jui Juitsu and grappling was re-ignited when we had Rick Young hold a seminar.

Steve's ambitions as a professional martial art teacher eventually led him to pursue other directions and he now runs his own association where he mixes different arts.



Galahad Jones: Taan Sau Instructor: Galahad Jones

Galahad has been training for a few years and had a slow start to his Wing Chun. He is not one to quit and has worked tenaciously to come to grips with the 'fighting side' of wing chun as he is a naturally placid and easy going person. He has assisted for some time now and has earned the respect of the Romford students. In the last year he has made considerable in roads and is working with determination toward his third grading.

In late 2007 Galahad moved to Lincolnshire.


Phil Jones: Taan Sau oi moonPhil Jones Sifu

Phil has been training for many years and had gone on to pass three gradings under his Sifu, Abid Mahmood. He has helped motivate our Midlands branches with his enthusiasm and energy and develop a good club spirit in that region.Phil spent two weeks in July 2005 training under the personal guidance of Grandmaster Ip Chun in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, Phil has had to retire from teaching and training due to a serious shoulder injury sustained during a car accident. Phil returned to training in July 2011, but is some way off considering teaching again.


Kerry Green: Pai JarnKerry Green Sifu: HQ

Kerry Green is one of the most long-standing students in the Association. He is also one of the most 'loved'. His energy is infectious and he teaches simply to help others.

Kerry was affectionately known as 'The Laap Sau King' as it was like training with an octopus when he trains chi sau. He has passed the first three gradings, and helped many others to achieve that level.

Temporarily out of action to look after his twin sons.


Kevin Oldman: Shat Geng SauKevin Oldman, Sifu

Kevin Oldman inspired a whole generation of our students with his remarkable skills and affable character. Kevin is still one of only 4 people to to pass up to the Mook Yan Jong grading. You may well have seen his kicking and hand combination skills on our video section, or on YouTube.

Kevin taught in Norwich until early 2002 when he retired from teaching to concentrate on his business life and new family.



Salim RajulawallaInstructor Salim Rajulawala

Salim is a quiet unassuming character. He 'fell in love' with Wing Chun and trained under Master Sinclair in Westcliff, before moving to the HQ. He then moved to Birmingham University and continued his training under Sifu Abid Mahmood.

Salim spent the Summer of 2002 training full time the at HQ with Sifu Nick Martin. He improved dramatically and in October 2002 moved up to a level where he could teach at the HQ.

In October 2007 Salim relocated to Birmingham and is no longer teaching due to work committments.



Matt TuckerInstructor: Matt Tucker

Having nearly lost his hand as a result of defending a woman the street, Matt adapted his training to deal with the difficulties he faced.

Matt managed to pass two grading levels with good grades, and had potential to move on.

In 2004 Matt visted Los Angeles where he trained intensively in the Filipino Martial Arts. Matt began to concentrate more on his knife and stick work.

In 2006 Matt received 'Dog Brothers' instrucor level status under Mark Denny better known by his title 'Crafy Dog' in knife and stick.

Matt retired from teaching and training in Wing Chun in June 2008 to focus on his stick fighting. We wish him well.

Matt returned to training under James Sinclair in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire in July 2011

Chris Warner Instructor: Chris Warner

Chris has been with the UKWCKFA for a couple of years, but spent a number of years prior training with another Wing Chun school. He has worked very hard to build his standard up to a level where he could begin to teach. Chris is also working toward his third level test.

Chris is working with Sifu Tony Jaywant at Leigh-on-Sea and ran the Colchester branch. He is also taught the children's classes at the National HQ for some time.

In August 2008 Chris stopped teaching to move to Gozo near Malta

Mandy Lam: Laap Sau

Assistant Instructor Mandy Lam

Mandy is only our third ever lady teacher. She began her training in Chelmsford under Master Sinclair. Mandy regularly travels to Hong Kong where she has had the privilege of training under Grandmaster Ip Chun. She is an enthusiastic student and her ability is good considering her experience. She is teaching at University in order to pass on the art she loves. She passed the 2nd level grading with over 90% and is working hard toward the 3rd level. She has had to stop training to focus on her final year training as an acupuncturist and her new addtion to the Wing Chun Clan!

James PattisonAssistant Instructor James Pattison

James has been training under Sifu Mark Phillips for a number of years and is now an ssistant instructor at the London HQ in Southgate as well as helping to run the branch in Billericay. James Has stopped teaching due to family committments.





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